A NicoNico account is required to listen to voice clips. You can only change your current voice by buying a voice ticket from the arb shop or winning one from the roulette. Then go to an npc in Galm and switch your voice. (This npc was not available in the NA version) Note that only the numbered tickets have been listed and not the ones from event only exception of the Fate/Zero x FEZ collaboration

Male Voice TicketsEdit

Ticket No. Voice Actor Voice Clip
No.1 Kazuya Nakai clip
No.2 Rikiya Koyama clip
No.3 Joji Nakata clip
No.4 Romi Park clip
No. 5 Norio Wakamoto clip
No. 6 Takeshi Aono clip
No. 7 Rikiya Koyama clip
No. 8 Akio Ohtsuka clip
No. 9 Yuuko Sanpei clip
No. 10 Midorikawa Hikaru clip
No. 11 Soichiro Hoshi clip
No. 12 Takehito Koyasu clip
No. 13 Rie Kugimiya clip
No. 14 Takehito Koyasu clip
No. 15 Midorikawa Hikaru clip
No. 16 Tomokazu Sugita clip
No. 17 Takeshi Aono clip
No. 18 Kazuya Nakai clip
No. 19 Akio Ohtsuka clip
No. 20 Shinichiro Miki clip
No. 21 Tomokazu Sugita clip
No. 22 Daisuke Ono clip
No. 23 Takehito Koyasu clip
No. 24 Soichiro Hoshi clip
No. 25 Shinichiro Miki clip
No. 26 Takahiro Sakurai clip
No. 27 Soichiro Hoshi clip
No. 28 Seki Tomokazu clip
(Young Commander) Shuichi Ikeda clip
Shady Person Takahiro Sakurai clip
Elegant Person Daisuke Ono clip
Hot Person Kenichi Suzumura clip
(Great Commander) Shuichi Ikeda clip
Useless Person Keiji Fujiwara clip
Crazy Mercenary Keiji Fujiwara clip
Grown Up II Mitsuki Saiga clip
Reliable Person Tetsuya Kakihara clip
Rustic Person Kenichi Suzmura clip
Veteran I Akio Otsuka Clip
Serious I Takahiro Sakurai clip
Bad Boy I Mitsuo Iwata
Youth's Notebook Ryota Takeuchi
Rude Man I Daisuke Ono

Female Voice TicketsEdit

Ticket No. Voice Actor Voice Clip
No. 1 Ami Koshimizu Clip
No. 2 Romi Park Clip
No. 3 Yui Kano Clip
No. 4 Kaori Nazuka Clip
No. 5 Yuuko Sanpei Clip
No. 6 Yui Kano Clip
No. 7 Kaori Nazuka Clip
No. 8 Rie Kugimiya Clip
No. 9 Ami Koshimizu Clip
No. 10 Rie Tanaka Clip
No. 11 Mamiko Noto Clip
No. 12 Nana Mizuki Clip
No. 13 Nana Mizuki Clip
No. 14 Nana Mizuki Clip
No. 15 Mamiko Noto Clip
No. 16 Rie Tanaka Clip
No. 17 Kotono Mitsuishi Clip
No. 18 Miyuki Sawashiro Clip
No. 19 Mamiko Noto Clip
No. 20 Kotono Mitsuishi Clip
No. 21 Satomi Arai Clip
No. 22 Rie Tanaka Clip
No. 23 Miyuki Sawshiro Clip
No. 24 Satomi Arari Clip
No. 25 Kana Hanazawa Clip
No. 26 Aki Toyosaki Clip
No. 27 Ayako Kawasumi Clip
Eccentric Girl Kana Hanazawa Clip
Natural Girl Aki Toyosaki clip
Timid Girl III Aoi Yuki clip
Brash Girl III Yukari Tumura clip
Cute Girl Yui Horie clip
Brave Girl Kana Hanazawa clip
Elegant Girl III Yukari Tamura clip
Cheerful Girl Akemi Kanda clip
Quiet Girl Kaori Mizuhashi clip
Bright Lady Yui Horie clip
Bossy Girl Aoi Yuki clip
Bright I Yukari Tumura clip
Sexy Woman I Satomi Arai
? Mai Aizawa Bravely Default Colo
Brave Woman Aoi Yuki


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