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Neutral IconBackgroundEdit

Vinelle Island is the continent in the top-left corner of the world map. It consists of Le Velza Colosseum and the Galm Amusement Park. It serves as a place where players can further customize their character more by changing voice or hair style. However is more known for its team death matches and the roulette in the Galm Amusement park. Vinelle holds a fair amount of minigames for players to play for taking a break from wars.

Neutral IconLe Velza ColosseumEdit


Icon Important Places Locations


Npc <Appearance> Roxy C:6
Npc <Voice Trainer> Basilio C:6
Npc <Voice Shop> Cherubino C:6
Tool shop Tool Shop E:4
Inn Inn G:4
Bank Bank D:5
Warriorshopicon Warrior Armor G:5
Warriorshopicon Warrior Weapon G:7
Scoutshopicon Scout Weapon F:6
Scoutshopicon Scout Armor G:6
Sorcerer shop icon Sorcerer Armor G:5
Sorcerer shop icon Socerer Weapon G:5
Receiving Receiving E:6

RingColosseum GamesEdit

RingTeam Death MatchEdit

Requirement:4people or more

Defeat the enemy team!

RingChallenge of RhomEdit


Defeat all mobs in the time limt!

Ring Capture the FlagEdit

Requirement:6people or more

Capture the flag and bring it back to your base!

Neutral IconGalm Amusement ParkEdit


Icon Important Places Location
Casino E:4
Warriorshopicon Warrior Shop C:5
Inn Inn C:6
Receiving Receiving G:5
Sorcerer shop icon Sorcerer Shop F:6
Scoutshopicon Scout Shop E:7
Tool shop Tool Shop D:4
Receiving Receiving D:5

Park GamesEdit

RingRoulette/Dream GachaEdit

Requirement:1 Gold Coin

Get a random prize!

RingAll DeadEdit

Requirement:5 rings

Guess the number of deaths all players have gained!

RingHigh and LowEdit

NPC: Shante Requirement:2 rings

Guess the number higher or lower? Receive a prize depending on how far you reach

RingBulls and CowsEdit

Requirement:Free until 5th try 2rings

Guess the number. You have 7 tries Reward based on how many tries used

RingClass BattleEdit

Requirement:1 Ring

Defeat Holbe in a class chip duel! Reward is based on number of turns used to defeat him.

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