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Hello, I am the manic behind this wikia. There really isn't much about me besides this WIKIA project. Read on for further information regarding the wikia. Yes, I have an identity but I'm not willing to share it.


Just leave something on the Wikia forums or on my talk page.


I am currently working on armor pages or just look at the community portal for more information on what I'm working on.

What I need to do

  • Complete Getting Started Section
  • Continous update the clients
  • Wikia edit.


Currently trying to complete this wiki so more players can find it easier to play FEZ


HKFEZ is now ipblocked and is closing on July 1st, 2013


Extra: I take no credit for anything on this wikia; I'm only posting to inform. I have posted the creditors in each guide at the beginning with the author's name in bold. Also translators are needed since I'm currently only using tracefez's translations so most of the current translations belong to this person. However, with the exception of the official shop item names since I still have Rama's item log from the official forums.

I like to hide around but I am around most of the time.

P.S. I apologize for my grammar as I am still trying to correct it! (Yes, It's unbelievably horrible...)


  • We have a general basic policy here but I tend to clock the Wikia vigorously


Note that any translation is up for debate unless it has already been translated by an English publisher.


All of the guides are reposts, I don't take credit for anything in the guide section.

Original Work...

Some Personal Tips

  • Having multiple people build by hand is much faster than builder knight ;however, it displaces the number of people who can actually hold the line. With a few number of people at frontline there is usually a higher chance of the enemy being able to push to where you will build the Obelisk allowing the enemy an early advantage early game. Usually war should have a 2-4 Obelisks expanded by hand FORWARD(e.g. Build aggressively to stop enemy expansion). After that use a builder knight to fill the gaps. Using multiple builder knights is quite fine ,but knights should not disregard summons while building.
  • Rarely use sidestep if you want to dodge well
  • Dragon's Tail is one of the easiest moves to dodge:sidestep after you see the hammer hit the ground.


List a list of some of my favorites


Note that FEZ is

2005-2012 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Licensed to Gamepot Inc

Square Enix did not make this game but brought the development rights for the game in 2008 in order to bring out "quality updates."

(Exception is CNFEZ)

Current developer is Square Enix&Gamepot


Give Fantasy Earth Zero more respect in Western Countries and somewhat help players get access to the foreign servers. (Subject to change...)

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