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Client DownloadEdit

I don't know what to do firstEdit

First thing to do is to register an account and then download the client. Follow the instructions,accept the terms and download the client.

Starting the GameEdit

Starting the GameEdit

First Locate where the game is saved;by default the game is saved in ProgramFiles/Gamania/FantasyEarthZero then look for FeZero.Exe and run as Admininster

Cannot get pass the Start button on the Launcher CasesEdit

Windows Vista/DEPEdit

Gamepot Inc has noted that for Windows Vista you may experience problems with the game. One possible solution to add Fantasy Earth Zero to your computer's Data Execution Prevention Setttings (DEP)

Low PC SpecsEdit

If you do not meet the techinical requirements of the game then you may not be able to start the game. Please read on until you can find a fix or buy a new computer to fix this problem. (FEZ is able to run on some of the lowest spec PCs right now)

Windows XP 64 BitEdit

Fantasy Earth Zero doesn't work with XP 64 bit; use a different OS to play FEZ

Windows Server...Edit

Like Windows XP 64 bit FEZ doesn't run with Server 2003 and 2008. Please use a different OS to play the game


Fantasy Earth Zero may have some problems with some Antiviruses. Please remember to add FantasyEarthZero to your antivirus' exceptions. Note that each antivirus is different so look up on your antivirus' documentation on more information.

Fantasy Earth Zero doesn't work with Kaspersky antivirus. You must uninstall Kaspersky to play FantasyEarth Zero; Fantasy Earth Zero may run into problems with Norton Internet Security

Old version of Direct XEdit

If you have a old version of Direct X you may not be able to Fantasy Earth Zero. To download Direct X go to the microsoft page found here

Cannot Log inEdit

Server MaintenanceEdit

Please check the Official Website to see if the game is currently under maintenance


Game looks DarkEdit

Adjust your moniter's settings along with the game's gamma adjustment value

During war, the game seems laggyEdit

Try lowering your game's texture's resolution on the game's config


Trouble with uninstalling the gameEdit

For the NA version, try uninstalling the game with Japanese Locale.


Run FeZero.exe as Admin


Messages that you should not get. These messages can be obtained from hitting FeZeroClient or FeZeroClientUpdate

FeZeroClient can mess up your client. Only way to fix is reinstall the game again. Below is the error message for it. (At worst running FeZeroClient will cause an error to causing you to download 800+ files;however, in some cases it will do nothing.)


No problems with FeZeroClientUpdate as of now. However, this error message will show up when you try to it run.


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