Training GroundsEdit

A place that is located in every nation in which players may practice battles in the need for help in the game.


Training Grounds NPCs
Netzavare Yelsord Hordaine Gevrandia Cesedria Galm Amusement Park
F:7 E:6 D:6 E:5 D:5 E:5

Differences in Training GroundsEdit

  • Perform battles
  • Change war rules
  • Attack is named Tivarance and Defense is Melga
  • Beast Blood and Chimera Blood are not consumed
  • When time is up side with most hp wins instead of defending
  • Only 4 people required to start using grounds
  • Titles cannot be gained
  • Ring is not gained
  • Score is not gained

Grounds CustomizationEdit

Number of PeopleEdit

  • Allow players to set number of people allowed
  • Minimum 4; Max 100
  • However Mirza training grounds cap is 20
  • Bareria Ruins is 40


  • Allows players to set minimum and maximum level cap for players allow to entered


  • Allows which classes that are allowed to enter


  • Time can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 1 hour ; intervals of 1 min


  • Changes each player's beginning cost; 0-200; intervals of 1 cost


  • Allows which summons can be used

Team SelectEdit

  • Select which method to pick a team
  • Selection: Allows individual players pick a side
  • Random: Randomly adds players to a side


  • Allows players to pick maps from Ecetia and the two special training ground maps


  • Allows a player to add a comment to training grounds room


  • Places a password on the training ground room

Grounds only MapsEdit


Miraza Training Grounds


Bareria Ruins

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