The terminology page for all player created terms used in FEZ. Note that more terms will be added ,and this list will always be prone to change often. For now this is the current set of terminology used in FEZ. Reading this list may be helpful to new players or old players. Note that these are not official terms but more of slang that most people used in NA version before it shut down. The official terms used by publishers can be found in the glossary page. Please feel free to edit this whenever this is needed.

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Most skills are shorthanded by using the initials of the skill



Method of sapping used by warriors to damage builds more quickly. This process involves a warrior using Smash twice and then wait for the Power regen tick to occur then smash again, then rinse and repeat. Refer to 2h Sapping Comparison for more information


Another method of sapping as a warrior. Refer to 2h Sapping Comparison for more information


Aggressive KeepEdit

Keep that is built to lower amount of terriority that enemy has from the halfway line. Maximizes terrority and minimizes distance from the enemy. (Needs to be careful of Chimeras and Stealth Rats)

Alchemist BlacksmithEdit

Refers to the Alchemist Blacksmith that can be found in every capital. He has the ability of crafting items such as Red Weapons and Harpy Wing. He has the appearance of a male sorcerer wearing the Thanatos set.

Anti-Chim KeepEdit

A keep that is built on high grounds or far away as possible to delay the event of being attacked by a chimera. Anti-chim keeps usually sacriface more territory for slightly higher safety from being attacked by a chimera's final burst.


Stands for Area of Effect refers to the range of the skill


Shortterm for Arrow Tower


Shorthand for Ability Value. Refers to the stats that a weapon or armor piece gives. 


Backline SupportEdit

Refers to the supporting the Obelisks in your terriority or tasks such as mining or summoning.


A support role where one person stores crystals and passes them for other players to use. Banks will usually state a (Bank : <cry>/50). The role of the bank is to bypass the crystal mining limit and to gather up crystals faster to build or summon quickly.


Shortterm for beast blood an item required to make chimera blood


The use of knight to build obelisk rather than by hand. Advantages that it allows knights to get to places simple and look out for summons early on but using a builder knight early will give a terriority disadvantage

Black WeaponEdit

Refers to the Weapons with 200 AV and only 2 durability


The process of directly building an object on a bridge of a map excluding woodbridges



Occurs when a player attacks an enemy before you and negates your attack. Occurs due to individual skills giving different immunity times.


The skill which sorcerers must use in order to use B,C,D tier skills


Shorthand for people from the Sacred Alliance of Cesedria


shortterm for chimera a deadly summon which can instantly inflict 4,000,000 damage to your keep.

Chimera BloodEdit

The item required to summon a chimera. Player can gain a chimera blood by completing a quest


Areas that are crucial to victory however are hard to defend and easy to capture '


the process of which a player uses a series of jumps to climb up a cliff. See the climb page for some videos. Alternative name is rock climbing

Combat Zone TheoryEdit

(Japanese term): When someone is stunned or rooted, it is better to attack a person who is trying to rescue them or attack them. By doing so the enemy will fall easily,generally the basis of hitting enemies with Ice Javelin.

Video Japanese Video 2

Note:Using Google Translate's translation for easier referencing

Note2:Can be also be refered to as hamaguchi hell as well (Using Google Translate's term for better referencing)


FEZ's version of a guild named as corp ,you can share a corp chat with your entire corp


The crosshair cursor which the cursor is focused on the camera and the movement of the mouse will move the camera. More useful for linear attacks


Shorthand for Crystals

Crystal HarassEdit

NA term for attacking miners at the enemy base



The casting or attacking animation of a skill using certain skills have a delay point before a character can move.


Short term for damage over time, skills that cause burn or poisoning are examples of DoT



Short term for eclipse

Elevator warkEdit

the usage of a bulwark being using as an elevator to gain access to heights; Normally used in Shuer Island or Selvane Heights


the skill in which a warrior to use in order to prevent them from flinching



A diversionary tactic to delay enemies from attacking a certain map. (By declaring the surrounding maps)


The feather cursor in which one is able to control the distance of the AoE attack. More useful for AoEs and to move camera you must hold right click while moving the mouse


Area of where main combat is held


The animation in which a character makes after getting hit when a character is flinching they cannot move or take action or a short time. Involves the character animation bending back.


Another name for changing classes used by NA players; it was based off the name of the item from the Colosseum:Flux Wing, the item used for switching classes. Can also refer to the Flux Bonus as well.


Short for Field of Vision. Field of Vision is the view in front of the player. Being able to change FoV quickly makes it easier to find hidden scouts.


Game TimeEdit

Refers to the in game time that can be found in the top left corner by the minimap. You can use the <clock> macro to check the time in game. Game time can be used for mutiple quests along to time the spawn time of undead type mobs. See the Misc page for game time conversation.


Shorthand for people from Gevrandia


Short term for Gate of Hades which is used to summon a wraith


Refers to a person that spams sidestepping a lot. Usually refers to warriors that spam sidestep and Dragon's Tail.



The suggested boundary where allied territory should at least enclose;the line can be formed by creating a line halfway across the map between the keeps. Anything beyond this line is generally considered over expanding and suggested not to bypass this line. (Building Concept) Can be referred to as the line of demarcation.


AKA:半歩 romanized hanpo

Occurs when due to quick gameplay. Shows the character is doing a sliding animation. (This is a gamebug and has been debated whether or not it is bannable)

  • As of 4/13/12 Half Step is bannable in JPFEZ


short term for hellfire or Fire D


The skill which scouts use in order to remain hidden from enemy players and while in hide scouts can use punishing strike to deal massive damage. However while in hide enemy players may still be able to target hidden scouts

Hide SearchEdit

Refers to the technique of wavering around the screen to search for hidden scouts.


Short term for hit points or health points


Shorthand for referring to players from the Kingdom of Hordaine


Refers to warriors and scouts who have skills from multiple weapon trees. ie (A warrior with a mix of 1-h,polearm or greatsword skills or a scout with a mix of bow,dagger or gun skills.)



A grunt or player at frontline sides




Short term for kill steal which another person steals the kill by dealing the last 1 or 100 damage (unimportant)



Refers to delay in attacks or input such as chat and character movement


An insult against a person with high ping

Lag FixEdit

This refers to disabling Nagle's Algorithm to increase the speed at which your computer sends and receives packets. Nagle's Algorithm can be disabled in many ways.

Leading AttacksEdit

Doesn't mean to lead an attack against a map or lead your side to victory, but means to aim a couple of steps ahead to hit your opponent.

Explantion: FEZ is a third person shooter meaning targets will never stay in one spot, resulting in the fact you will need to aim ahead at where you think your opponent will move to.


Short term for Land of Origin



A shortcut in which players can use to quickly display chat

Main CrystalEdit

Refers to the crystal closes to the allied Keep

Main LineEdit

The one half of the map where most of the territory is held. Always the side with the most combat.


Short term for Mount Despire Base


Refers to players from third party kingdoms entering into a war ,or players on your side that are not allied with your kingdom.


The task of mining at a mining crystal to mine for crystals to build or summon Mining Crystal-The large shiny blue object depicted on the map as a diamond where you can mine crystals for objects of war.


A short term for mission maps which used to achieve an official shop


Method of enchanting multiple weapons until a desire enchant is reached. Generally only done by hardcore players and is extremely ring expensive. (Enchanting multiple times until +15 Attack Enchant is reached)


(Nation Name)-poolEdit


Used to name the general consensus of noobs in a nation


The shorthand for people from Netzavare



short term for obelisk


short for the obelisk building simulator. You can find a simulator in the links page.

Objects of WarEdit

Another name for Buildings and summons


short term for the official shop


Refers to using an extremely powerful skill on an enemy with low HP. Usually results to a waste of PW. ie: Using Punishing Strike on an enemy with 1HP.


Phantom StepEdit

Refers to the bug in game that causes a misalignment in character position. Causes other characters to appear in very weird spots. A commonly known phantom step is when a warrior in midair strikesmash is rooted. ie:A player appearing on top of an obelisk or appearing inside of a building.


The ping meter at the left bottom of the screen where your average latency is measured in ms and higher the value the greater the delay in attacks


short term for power


A short term for potions



Originally a Warcraft term used to quit a match and quit the game. Typically refered to as tears only because it looks like crying eyes.



The animation which a character recovers from being knocked down while in recovery animation, a character may not be hit although certain skills can stop the recovery animation if hit by a certain skill during knockdown


The status problem which a character is unable to move unless the problem wears off or the player gets hit

Rush KeepEdit

A keep that is built close to the enemy keep to rush their base at the beginning of the game. Also known as the chimming keep.



The harmful act of trying to cause your team to purposely lose the war. Sabotage is bannable in all versions of the game. DO NOT ATTEMPT


A person who is attacking an obeselik


The term using for looking for hidden scouts


Area of minor combat near the frontline


Refers to switching weapons while sidestepping. Normally done by hybrid warriors or scouts.


Short term for Strike Smash or could mean Screenshot

Stealth RatEdit

A term from JPFEZ refers to a dagger scout that can sap without being noticed. Refer to the Stealth Rat guide for more information


The status problem which a character is unable to move or take action unless the duration of the effect wears off



the amount of territory captured in war with obseliks


Short for Team Death Match one of the features of the Le Velza Colosseum; Going to Arena can also refer to this.


Shorthand for Training Grounds; The area that is used to practice wars, the training grounds NPC can be found in every Capital and Galm Amusement Park in Vinelle Island. See the Training Grounds page for more information.


Using a knight to get from one point to another then desummoning; Traveling knights usually travel to enemy base, desummon and Crystal Harass


The process of building objects on a tree which only avaiable in a few maps


Shorthand for the Twilight Weapons or Twilight Weapons (Adv) Mission quest




short term for Viper's bite



short term for bulwark


The process of building objects near bodies of water usually next to the cliff or on rocks in the water

Watcher (Knight)Edit

The secondary job of every player. Every player should watch out for enemies summons on the map and report them. More importantly they should above all things try to report the enemy chimera. Generally one knight is used to watch out for chimera specifically(Not required).

Wind MageEdit

Another term for a warrior that mainly focuses on the use of long range skills. ie: Crumble Storm tree branch skills


Short term for Warworkshop which is used to summon giants



The shorthand for the Kingdom of Yelsord



A starcraft term which is used to call the unpredictable events ,or problems that can happen during a game.

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