This is a guide for dagger scouts on a very unique approach to sapping an Obelisk. This guide will be focusing on abusing the 5sec radar gap between Obelisks.

Radar GapEdit

For players that do not know about Radar Gap, this refers to the 5 second time gap before the minimap updates the position of every player within range of allied terriority. The stealth rat will basically abuse the 5sec interval to attack obelisks and re-hide to attack Obelisks without being noticed

How to become a Stealth RatEdit

The use of a stealth rat is to sap enemy obelisks without beging noticed.


  • PING below 250 (Radar detection is server-sided)
  • Hide and Basic Dagger Attack


  • Hi-Power Regnerate
  • Building Attack Gain


  • Simple to get high building damage
  • Can sap without being noticed
  • Can change the game during the last minutes of war


  • Use is a bit lower due to Cestus' Sacrifice skill to heal obelisks
  • Based on PING (Those with 250+ PING will not be able to perform this efficiently)
  • Expensive to for maximum output (Using Hi-Power Regenerate and Building Attack Gain)
  • Quite Slow With the change of 50PW to 30 PW;sapping speed has drastically increased (10min->3.5min)


  • It can still be performed with high ping but the number times you can attack is lowered
PING Number of Attacks
250- 4
300- 3
400+ 1

Video (This example is done with a High-Power Regenerate)

How to sap without getting noticed is quite simple basically

  1. Sneak to an Enemy Obelisk far in the back so that enemies will not be able to hear you attack
  2. Next use a Power Regenerate Potion
  3. Then Use Basic Dagger Attack 4 times (If PING is higher than 250 refer to the chart above to the number of times you can attack before the radar updates your position)
  4. Then Use Hide immediately
  5. Rinse and Repeat until the Obelisk has low HP then kill it when it is at LV2


  • Recommended that you sap several Obs before killing them
  • Do not attack when enemies are nearby


I do not have an exact time table for how long it can take but this is only an example

  • Assumed using Hi-Regenerate Potions
Case Time
50PW Hide(BasicDaggerAttack) 10min
30PW Hide(PunishingStrike) 4.5min
30PW Hide (BasicDaggerAttack) 3.5min


You can replace basic dagger attack with punishing strike however.....

  • Punishing Strike must be timed correctly to land on the Obelisk to cancel the jump frame
  • Punishing Strike is quite PW heavy not possible to do this without Hi-regens
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