Scanning can also refer to the process of hide search or just plain looking for hidden scouts. This is a wikia page on the scanning method. This is not necessary a guide on how to find hidden scouts.

That the while scouts are hidden, the sounds of footsteps and voices can still be heard.

About HideEdit

  • Hide is removed after being hit or if too much time has passed
  • When hide is used,on the allied side scouts turn transparent;however, on the attacking side they disappear from sight and from the minimap.
  • Purpose of scanning is to find hidden dagger scouts, gun/bow are commonly more rarer to use hide and will not be talked about much here.
  • Dagger scouts have a tendency to disrupt attacking lines making them very useful in war and often dangerous in one on one fights
    • Typically used to avoid being attacked by Punishing Strike
  • However while hidden DoT like Poison and Burn still shows its effect and damage.
  • Effects like poison,burn,blind,and root still show if they try to hide
  • The glowing effect from using an item will show if they use an item;however, the Recovery over time does not show

Scouts still make ripples in water when they walk on it.

  • Also certain nations may have more scouts compared to other nations, ie: Gevrandia may have the most dagger scouts

You can still target hidden scouts, your cursor will turn red on hovering over an enemy.

Finding ScoutsEdit

  • You can still target hidden scouts;the targeting circle will appear if you hover over one
  • Normally it is the ranged classes' job to uncover hidden scouts but is generally better to use a ranged skill to unhide them
  • Hidden scouts can still make rippling effects in the river while hidden
  • They still move sounds if they sidestep

General strategy is to use feather mode to look for scouts.

  • Hidden scouts make different footsteps while hidden; try to listen to that sound
    • Try to report these scouts in allied nation chat

How toEdit

  • Search in between times of noncombat, looking when you fighting an enemy may distract you
  • Search during HP or PW recovery times
  • Normally search while you moving or when there is no enemy around
  • To look just move the cursor left and right until a targeting circle appears;feather cursor works the best for this
    • By scanning for scouts you can avoid being hit with PS or dagger scouts being up the line

How Dagger Scouts tend to moveEdit

  • Dagger scouts tend to aim for the enemies' blind spot, so try to look at where scouts believe where you blind spot is
  • Dagger scouts tend not to walk in straights and use the spacebar jump to avoid making footsteps
  • Scouts may walk along the edge of cliffs, as many people do not check the cliffs in a large fight or to avoid water ripples in watery areas
  • Try will debuff a couple of times and then run;this generally happens a lot
  • Wait Scouts:Waiting scouts will tend to wait until people go to a certain area and then will ambush them
  • Walking Scouts:Tend to attack from your side or behind
    • Can come from the edge of a cliff
    • Or wait besides some building
    • Tend to hide behind scaffolds to rehide
    • Or jump down from a cliff and then attack you
  • Jumping Scouts:tend to jump above you and then attack
    • Jump over an enemy you are walking
    • Jump from behind buildings
    • Around cliff points

Odd Case

  • There are some dagger scouts that tend not to use hide but will use Void Darkness more often

Areas where hidden scouts can appearEdit

  • On a flat ground with lots of people
  • Area with very few or no people;punishing strike scouts tend to appear here
  • Around crystals
  • Around Obelisks
  • Around Gate of Hades
  • High areas
  • Bottom of a slope
  • Near cliff jump points
  • Giants
  • Areas with differences in height level
  • Near rocks or any building that serves as a wall

However, you should still be aware that a hidden scout can appear anywhere to ambush you

Dodging dagger ScoutsEdit

  1. Punishing Strike can be dodged if you sidestep immediately after hearing the voice
  2. Increasing the width of your resolution can help
  3. Listen to the sounds of the step they make
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