Results takes place after one side's morale drop to zero or when the battle is timed out. During this time the victor of the battle is decided. If the attacking team wins the battle the attacking team takes ownership of the land and goes into a wait period before attacking the map's neigboring areas. If the defending team wins, the map does under a truce which the piece of land cannot be attacked until the time is over. However the defending team is still able to attack the neighboring areas of that map. During results the scoreboard is posted and rewards are distributed depending on the effort of the maps. The end results of each player are dependent on scores, time spent during the duration of the war and number of players in that war. However time and duration are semi-unknown to reward exp or rings. Exp, rings and score are rewarded at the end of the war.

Results are calculated by

Time Spent

More time spend in a battle, the more exp you can earn

Number of Participants

The more people in a war, the more rewards you can get

Damage dealt to enemy base

Total possible amount of rewards is based on the percentage of damage your team has dealt to the enemy base


Fixed amounts of EXP are rewarded to each level

PC Damage

More PC damage, higher rewarded



More contribution higher Contribution

Number of Crystals mined



Exp is given to players based off their level,score,and time spent Level Exp has a base number in which multipliers are added to it after scores are calculated look for EXP for the exact values of the base amounts of exp rewarded to each player at the end of the war. Time The less amount of time you spent in a war will result in less exp gain for you

Percentage of Time Spent Exp Multipliers
0%-20% 20%
21%-40% 40%
41-60% 60%
61-80% 80%
81%-100% 100%

Keep Destruction If you will get less exp if you lose a war. The amount gained is based off the amount of damage dealt to the enemy base before the war ended

The mutipler is 50%+(% of enemy base lost/2)%

If your side won it would be100% exp and 0 exp lost

If your side lost you would at least receive only 50% of the maximum total exp possible

Score Bonuses Additional exp will be given when you have received very high scores in the leaderboard (death ranker board doesn't count)

Multipliers exist for Kills,PC damage,Building Damage, Crystal mined and Contribution

Score A+ A B C D E
% +25% +20% +15% 10% +5% +0%

Calculation Formula

Total Exp Gained=
(Base Level EXP)*(Time Spent)*(Keep Destruction)*(1+Sum of Score Bonuses)


Ring calculation is based on rank,scores,number of deaths and a victory or lost


Rank only applies if you win a war

Rank Score Title Ring Bonus
1 0-29 Enlistee +0
2 30-79 Private +0
3 80-149 Private 1st Class +1
4 150-299 Corporal +1
5 300+ Sergeant +2

Win or Lose

Unconfirmed whether if this formula is correct or not but base value for victory is 4*time spent and lose is 3 and the same as victory

Time Spent Win Lose
0-20% 1 1
21-40% 2 1
41-60% 2 2
61%-80% 3 3
81-100% 4 3


Score A+ A B C D E
Ring Rewarded +3 +2 +1 +0 +0 +0


You lose one ring for every death in the war

Ring Calculation
Rings rewarded=
 (Scores)+(Rank Win only)+(Win/Lose Value for time)-(Number of times died)

You cannot lose rings if the result is negative the result will be 0

if X<0 then X=0

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