Note that you may sign up for HK FEZ by registering with beanfun! or gamania. Because it is generally easier with Gamania, this guide will be explaning how to register with Gamania. (Beanfun! allows you to make four accounts for game easier)

Click on create an Account to get started



Fill Info accordingly,then click on enter afterwards you will be sent a confirmation email. Note that you cannot choose any games until you have activated your account

This is what the email looks like then Click on the link to verify your account.


Then you will reach a verifaction confirmation page. Then exit the page and go back to the first page you started with.

Fantasy Earth Zero Account Creation ProcessEdit


Now login using your information on the right side. (refer to picture at start)


After logging in you will be redirected to this page. Go find the Select games option depicted in the screenshot above.

Clicking that button you will be directed to a page that allows you choose which games you want to play with for your Gamania account. (Gamania used to have you register your game along with the registration, however now you must do it manually) In this case look for the FEZ icon ,select FEZ and press ok.


After clicking the FEZ button you will be directed to a simple accept terms of agreement. Just hit the button and you will be directed to the create FEZ account page.



The information used in the page will be used for your Fantasy Earth Zero account. Complete the information above and click on the button. After you have done so your registeration for Fantasy Earth Zero will be complete.

Now you need to go download FEZ and you can start playing HKFEZ

  • This password must be different from your previous password

The ID you made during the last step will be the ID you will use for playing HKFEZ.

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