Registration with BeanfunEdit

Registering with Beanfun is another way to create a FEZ account. The process is seem towards creating a Gamania account however with a Beanfun account you can launch the game from the site

I will be working with google translate since it correctly translate parts of the process simple enough to understand it.

Beware of some General Requirements

  • Chinese locale is needed to operate Beanfun
  • FEZ must be installed before you can launch the game from the website

To start go to

Then look for the New member at the bottom of your screen


Click on it to start the registration process.

The following window below should appear.



Anything with a red asterisk is required. When you are done click on the gray button below.

After you have completed filling out your account details the next window should show up.

Hkbeanfun3 Now you will need to go to email and click on the confirmation link. The email looks something like this Hkbeanfun4 Click on the link and the next page should appear Hkbeanfun6 2 0

Then go to main site-> Game Zone -> Online Games -> Roleplaying->FEZ->Green Start Button->


Green + button-> Input account name-> click on checkbox ->hit on green confirm button



Then click on the Green Check to find the location of your game file

Game locationbeanfun


Afterwords you can play using quickstart

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