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  • Lag in Fantasy Earth Zero is measured in miliseconds as PING. But beware there are very little things that you can do to change it
  • There are two types of lag:Computer Sided and Network Sided (The third type of lag is Server-Sided, which there is barely nothing you can do about it)
  • Lag is generally based on location, the closer you are to the server that better your PING will be.
  • Higher internet speeds do not mean better PING; (Basic DSL is enough, DO NOT TRY TO GO LOWER)
  • PING is a measure of bandwidth, Pingtest is usually a good

Fixing Computer SidedEdit

  • Computer sided lag usually involves shaky graphics, shuttering, slow movements. ie: (Low FPS)
  • The case in which PING will suffer is only when you have a very ancient PC that does not match the Game Requirements

Basic FixEdit

  • Get a better graphics card. (If you have an integrated graphics card you will get a lot of lag. Intel Graphics 4000 HD works fine with the game anything lower may have difficulties)
  • Close all programs before launching the game:This clears up RAM for your computer to use allowing it process more easily resulting in better FPS
  • Disk Defrag, Disk Cleanup, CCleaner, these are some tools that you can use to help boost your FPS.
  • Gamebooster boosts FPS by closing excess processes

Fixing NetworkEdit

  • There is very little that you can actually change with this
  • Has the most impact on PING

Connecting DirectlyEdit

  • For best immediate results connect directly to your internet with an Ethernet cable or get as close to your router as possible!(Within 5 bars) It is recommended that you use an Ethernet cable rather than wireless internet.

Better InternetEdit

  • This is a restatement, Basic DSL is fine. Bandwidth does not necessarily go up with higher download speeds. This is a different story with dial-up though.

TCP FixEdit

  • This is basically disabling Nagle's Algorithm; And there are so many ways to disable it.
  • Posted below are same thing, so they don't stack!

Leatrix Latency FixEdit

  • Download Site (Basically a script that can adjust your TCP value automatically)

Manual Editting RegistryEdit

Uninstalling Programs with excessive bandwidth useEdit

  • There are generally only two programs that are known to consume bandwidth when they are not on. They are bitTorrent and PandoMediaBooster. Uninstall them.

Closing things that consume bandwidthEdit

  • Downloads, watching videos, streaming, VoIP

Third Party ProgramsEdit


  • General risk factor of causing your PING becoming higher rather than lower. VPNs will generally stabilize your ping rather than lower it. Effects of any VPN will vary on the provider

Other ThingsEdit

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