Quicknotes pageEdit

For those that want a quick look at FEZ's system without looking at anything in the wiki here you go. A longer explanation of Miscellaneous things can be found on the Miscellaneous page.


Fastest EXP

  • Warring (Fast)
  • Challenge of Rhom (Fastest, but very costly and dull)
  • Mob (Slow)
  • Quests (most quests don't even reward exp)


  • 4 Quarters exist in each capital
    • Center-Arb shops/Bank
    • Military-OS/Corp/Title/TrainingGrounds
    • Merchant Ring shop
    • Special-Named differently in each capital (Serial Code/Chimera Blood)


  • Knights-AntiSummon
  • Giants-Anti-Building
  • Wraith-Anti-infantry
  • Chimera-Must be killed before it reaches your base or lose 1/3 hp
  • Chariot-Taxi

All summons are weak against knights


  • Slow Exp
  • Damage is fixed on level
  • Can kill mobs in range of 5 levels above of own (above that is 100- damage)
  • Skeletons can see through hide
  • Dying doesn't drop exp only gold

Official ShopEdit

  • Opens weekly
  • Needs 12 mission maps to be open
  • to capture hold the map until the timer reaches zero at the manager
  • Equip strong as arb armor
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