Nation Rupert Amecie Citizen Board Alchemist Blacksmith Winbeck
Netzavare Castle C:5 Military E:7 Market F:4 Military F:6
Yelsord Academic E:3 Military B:2 Center D:4 Military B:2
Hordaine Castle D:4 Military D:6 Center G:5 Residental F:3
Gevrandia Castle C:4 Peasantry F:5 Market B:5 Noble D:6
Cesedria Residental D:6 Military C:4 Market E:3 Residental E:6


All mission quests are repeatable and are held in instances.

Twilight WeaponsEdit

  1. Talk to Rupert in order to start the quest;Rupert's differs in each nation (Refer to the chart above)
  2. Select "Where to get materials" (3rd Option)
  3. Collect materials to craft an upgraded weapon
  4. Talk to Winbeck to craft an upgrade weapon
  5. Bring the upgraded weapon to complete the quest (must be neo if you bring a doom the quest will not be completed)


  • Red Weapon or Fake Red Weapon
  • 99 Crystal Fragments
  • Crystal Stone (Color is different for each nation;Deep Scarlet-Netz,NavyBlue-Yels,Dandelion-Hord,Gentain-Gev,Blue-green-Ces)
  • Special Material (A captured map)
Weapon Nation Map Crystal(Salamander)
Polearm Netzavare St. Wolk Highlands Deep Scarlet
Staff Yelsord Warlock Battlefield Navy Blue
1-H Hordaine Heimdall Wilderness Dandelion
Dagger Gevrandia Rosario Heights Gentain
Bow Cesedria Lowgrove Plateau Blue-Green

Drop Bonuses for ClassEdit

  • Sorcerer: Higher Crystal Drop rate between Trees and Monuments(Mining Crystal)
  • Scout:Higher Crystal Drop rate between Trees and MOBS (Mining Crystal)

Instance RulesEdit

  • Time Limit is 20 minutes; Maximum amount of people allowed is 5
  • Morale bar is 3 allowing up to 3 deaths max; Instance ends when there are 3 deaths
  • You may restart from the beginning by opening the command window ->Restart; Using restart counts as a death
  • Chance of obtaining Crystal Stone increases with the number of Mission Maps captured
  • Objective is to obtain a Crystal Stone from one of the 3 Goals. You will start from the Center and move towards on of the 3 ends
  • Several Bulwarks block your path, they may be destroyed but jumping over them is much faster
  • You can gain crystals by destroying Monuments or Trees.
  • You can build scaffolds for 5 Crystals or Bulwarks for 10 Crystals
  • Mob Damage and Level is fixed; It is possible for lower levels to complete this quest
  • Mob AI in Twilight Weapons is more aggressive leading to a lot of ranged attacks from far distances
  • Mob damage here is quite damaing
  • At the end of the maps there are 2 Salamanders each; They will drop a Colored Crystal Stone or Crystal Fragment


North-Northwest Route (Crystal Farm)

  • Rush route/Quickest route to the Salamander; Only one Bulwark needs to be destroyed
  • Difficult :Hard

North-Northeast (Crystal Farm)

  • Quick route but Hard-Medium Route;One Bulwark must be destroyed

South-Northeast(Fragment Farm)

  • Easiest Route;Requires a Bulwark in the middle of the route


  • Obtained by destroying fragments usually found around F:5; between Northeast


Name LV HP Drop
Hoblin Scout 33 1090 Crystal x1~2
Hoblin Warrior 34 1344 Crystal x1~2
Hoblin Sorcerer 35 1150 Crystal x1~2
Hoblin Lord 36 1416
Hoblin King 49 1570 Crystal x1~2
Harpy Tamer 26 880 Crystal Fragment
Harpy Lancer 32 1060 Crystal Fragment or Crystal x1~2
Harpy Princess 36 1416 Crystal Fragment or Crystal x1~2
Harpy Queen 45 1885 Crystal Fragment or Crystal x1~2
Salamander 43 3475 Colored Crystal Stone or Crystal Fragment


Name HP Drop
Bulwark 3000
Wood 1000 Crystal x 1~2
Rock 1000 Crystal
Craft Stone 1000 Crystal Fragment x2 or Crystal
Huge Craft Stone 2000 Crystal Fragment x3 or x10
Monument 1500 Crystal Fragment x5 or Crystal x5

Winbeck Alchemist

  • Requires 99 Crystal Fragments, Red Weapon or Fake Weapon
  • Creates a Red,Neo or Doom weapon
  • Doom Weapon chance is below 10%
  • Neo and Doom are both Untradeable and Non-Recoverable Durability


Material Product
Fragment Amount Crystal Color Weapon
Crystal Fragment x99 Deep Scarlet Crystal Vrita Kashyapa
Doom Tyranno
Vrita (Fake) Vrita
Navy Blue Crystal Usas Surya
Doom Sidera
Usas(Fake) Usas
Dandelion Crystal Durga Parvathi
Doom Vain
Durga(Fake) Durga
Gentain Crystal Kuvera Pulstya
Doom Mal
Kuvera(Fake) Kuvera
Blue-Green Crystal Sarasvati Vac
Doom Precious
Sarasvati(Fake) Sarasvati

Neo Weapon

Type Name LV AV Durability Slots
Axe(2-H) Kashyapa 20 129 16524 3
Staff Surya 20 103 17280 3
Sword(1-H) Paravathi 20 103 23364 3
Dagger Pulstya 20 103 20232 3
Bow Vac 20 75 39474 3

Doom Weapon

  • All Skills consume 1 durability (Including Buff Skills/Basic Attack)
Type Name LV AV Durability Slots
Axe(2-H) Doom Tyranno 20 250 2 0
Staff Doom Sidera 20 200 2 0
Sword(1-H) Doom Vain 20 200 2 0
Dagger Doom Mal 20 200 2 0
Bow Doom Precious 20 144 2 0

Advanced Twilight WeaponsEdit

Req:Twilight Weapons must be completed

  • Unlocked after showing a Neo Weapon to Rupert
  • Has a higher chance of obtaining a Colored Crystal along with higher level mobs, and more bulwarks
  • Building HP is changed
  • After 13 or more successful Mission Maps captured; A rare mob Nidhogg may spawn in place of Salamander (Nidhogg drop:Colored Crystal;All Crystal Color)/Chance of spawning is higher with more mission maps captured
  • Each weapon has a different map to be crafted


  • Simplest route;Number of Bulwarks blocking the path is increased
  • Missing a jump is more punishing as getting stuck between two bulwarks are usually mobs in between as well


Nidhogg Scanning

  • Searches all 3 routes for Nidhogg;Takes about 5 minutes for a complete scan round
  • Uses the targetting cursor to look for Nidhogg;Nidhogg is a blue salamander with the Blizzard skill rather than spark flare,and the Hoblins will still spawn along with Nidhogg
  • Check both North routes then restart to the south
  • Recommended Far Clip is set to MAX to scan for Salamanders/Nidhogg
Name LV HP Drop
Hoblin Scout 39 1270
Hoblin Warrior 40 1560
Hoblin Sorcerer 41 1330
Hoblin King 50 1600
Harpy Tamer 28 940
Harpy Lancer 38 1240
Harpy Princess 38
Harpy Queen 47 1963
Salamander 47 3775
Nidhogg 52 4150

For the Sake of LoveEdit

  • In order to redo the instance you must talk to all of the NPCs again
  1. Talk to Lundre the Scared to start the quest
  2. Talk to NPC 1-5 and talk to the 6th NPC during 17:00 - 24:00 Game time to go in the For the Sake of Love mission Quest
  3. Kill 36 Mobs within 10 Minutes
  • Depending on the number mission maps captured the higher the probability of "Red Ghost" spawning; Red Ghost drops Flame of Life which has 5% chance to revive the user after dying
  • If boss doesn't appear than talk to the Fallen Soldier to finish the quest
  • Quest has no reward
  • If you want to repeat the quest then you must talk to all of NPCs
Nation NPC1(Lundre the Scared) NPC2 NPC3 NPC4 NPC5 NPC6<Citizen Mission>Hamith
Netzavare Market G:4

Military E:7


Military F:6


Military E:7


Military E:7


Yelsord Center F:4

Military C:3


Military B:3


Military C:3


Military B:3


Hordaine CenterF:5

Military D:6


Military D:6


Military E:6


Military E:6


Gevrandia Noble D:6

Peasantry G:6


Peasantry G:4


Peasantry G:4


Peasantry F:4


Cesedria MarketF:4 D:4 D:4 B:4 C:4 E:3


Name LV HP
Skeleton Pawn 16 580
Skeleton Robber 17 610
Skeleton Hunter 18 640
Skeleton Soldier 19 670
Skeleton Lord 20 700
Ghast 21 730
Ghast 22 760
Ghast 23 790
Ghast 24 820
Ghast 25 850
Shade Pawn 26 880
Shade Robber 27 910
Shade Hunter 28 940
Shade Soldier 29 970
Shade Lord 30 1000
Wight 31 1030
Wight 32 1060
Wight 33 1090
Wight 34 1120
Wight 35 1150
Spector Pawn 36 1180
Spector Robber 37 1210
Spector Hunter 37 1240
Spector Soldier 39 1270
Spector Lord 40 1300
Red Ghost 25 4800
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