• Allows tracking of allies
  • Party Chat
  • Easier to move with a group
  • Max number in a party is 10.

Party FunctionsEdit

You may invite people by pressing z next to them and selecting invite or using the search menu and inviting members from there. You will automatically become the party leader after inviting a person. You may not invite people from opposing sides in war.

Some people use the (!) in the comment to force names to top to allow easier searching

Party 02

Number Function
1 Ally Direction
2 Ally Cursor
3 Nearby Ally
4 Party display

Party IconsEdit

Party members are indicated by the numbers on the minimap corresponding to the numbers in the party display

Status EffectsEdit

When allies are effected with certain effects the color of their name in the party display will change.

Color Effect
Blue blind
Violet stun/root
Green poisoned
Red dead

Party MenuEdit

Displays a number assigned to each party member. In the continent map you are allowed to see your party member's level and alliances by hovering over their name.


Commands can only be performed by clicking at the party menu

Command Leader Member
Invite yes yes
leave yes (counts as disbanding party) yes
disband yes no
choose leader yes no
choose map yes no

For choosing maps, when party members of different nations and enter conflicting maps. The party will still be active but the members on the conflicting side will enter the map but leave the party.

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