Nona's Silver ThreadEdit

"Nona's Silver Thread" is a cash only item that is used to craft common headgear into accessories. Simply bring the silver and the item you wish to craft to Alchemist Winbeck to create it. (Location varies upon capitals) Once you have crafted a piece of headgear into an accessory you cannot revert back.

Crafting an item into an accessory will cause the item to have 0 AV , X amount of durability, become untradeable and have Nona's prefix in its name.

Name Price Recycle How to get Notes Icon
Nona's Silver Thread Tool Shop Silverofnona


This is the list of headgear that can be crafted into accessories with "Nona's Silver Thread". Note that current development with this item will later extend to common headgear.

Icon Region Item Needed Item (After) Notes
Eye Worker Glasses Nona Worker Glasses
Eye Monoguard Nonaguard
Eye Eye Bandage Nona Eye Bandage
Ear Elfin Ear Nona Elfin Ear
Ear Elfin Ear Wing Nona Elfin Ear Wing
Head Chlorphyll Gear Nona Chlorophyll Gear
Head Petit Devil Wing Nona Devil Wing
Head Elfin Nona Elfin Mask
Head Elfin Red Mask
Head Tenbu Houshoku
Head Souten Houshoku Nona Souten Houshoku
Head Faria Cap
Head Harmonia Cap

Common MaleEdit

Common FemaleEdit


Icon Region Item 1 Item 2 Name (After) Note
Head Rider Chick ST Rider Shell Chick ST Twin Rider Chick
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