Version DifferencesEdit

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Client DifferencesEdit

  • Water Reflection removed due to game crashing
  • Help file does not exist despite the fact (help) is located on the client

Game DifferencesEdit


  • Faria set was given in a giveway event
  • Tenbu set was given in a first time spender event
  • Souten set was given in a first time spender event
  • Country Set was given in a lottery item event
  • Texas Set was given in a lottery item event
  • Eins set was placed in a code giveaway event; actual item is from colosseum game aniversity for 100 pts
  • Equites weapons was given in a first time spender event
  • Equites sets given in code event
  • Kung fu set was given for first time spender
  • Sugiost set was given in a random player lottery
  • Venomous Head given away in forum event;beta test
  • Golden Weapons given away in Code event
  • Melpharia Weapons given away in Code event
  • Spotted Ears given away in lottery event
  • Griffon Head given away in forum event
  • Goblin Head given away in event;
  • Rain-Me-Not Hats (both M and F to each player) given away as maintainence compensation
  • Worker Glasses given away as an event item


  • Tenbu set was used as beta test equipment
  • Gold Weapons used as test items
  • Elfin Ears removed after Open Beta 1
  • Monoeye guard given away to veteran player (Open beta testers)


  • Silver Coin cost 30 Rings (300R for one round of Gacha)
  • Goblin Set price (Gold x80 higher compared to JP Ring cost x2.2 higher than JP)
  • Arb items 50% cheaper compared to JP or ($10 cheaper comparsion with Armor Sets)
  • Pug Ears given away as a gift for beta players and maintainence compensation
  • Goblin Head not present in Official Shop event
  • Flamberge Stats changed (LV16,AV120 325,468G 298R /Original LV29 AV135 152372G 196R)
  • Sins set renamed to Shins
  • 2nd Series Colosseum weapons released in Arb Shop


  • Casting cannot be used if Power Broken


  • Tutorial button did not work except for training grounds
  • SNS button was greyed out
  • Party display limited to five member must scroll down to see members 6-10


  • 4000 pt EXP tome removed
  • Banquet Match renamed to Team Death Match


  • Roulette renamed to Dream Gacha
  • Roulette tables removed from Galm Interior
  • Unlimited play of Class Battle


  • Tree Obelisk is bannable
  • Halfstep is bannable
  • Phantom step is bannable
  • Climbing on top of buildings is bannable
  • Vote kicking players without cause is bannable
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