Page where members of the wikia mythbust rumors in FEZ.

Relation to Final FantasyEdit

This game has no direct relation to Final Fantasy series despite the Square Enix Logo found on the game. (Square Enix did not make this game) Only relation is that Square Enix uses similiar names for equipment in FEZ and in FF.

Female Characters attack faster than maleEdit

False: There is not difference in gender for attack speed differences however due to the male's animation frames makes it appear the female attacks faster.

Dying as Summon deals more damage to baseEdit

Not true..but it is generally better to desummon before summon HP reaches zero to be restored to your max HP. (Assuming that you summoned at full HP first.)

Dragon SlayerEdit

Despite how difficult it is to kill a dragon in a war, no such title exists.

They can attack me while I'm on the ground, They must be hacking!Edit

False, certain skills like downdrive and blaze arrow allow players to attack you if you were knocked down by that attack. Although blaze arrow allows you to take damage until you get off the ground.

Tree Obelisks......Edit

Can only be built in certain maps. Usually just a simple jump and build in order to build in trees. Makes it difficult for infantry to kill it but will usually give giants a great sniping advantage.

Cash items are much better than in game itemsEdit

Only in terms of durability. In ability value wise they are will be nearly the same.

Armor Durability doesn't affect anythingEdit

Armor durability will affect your defense. Currently status is bugged when armor durability is zero the defense change is not displayed.

Twilight WeaponsEdit

Twilight weapons can only be produced by Winbeck . A Doom weapon or a neo weapon will be crafted randomly if you use a nation weapon as a crafting materials,but crafting requirements still apply.

Doom WeaponsEdit

Certain skills use over 2 durability but when using a doom weapon every skill will take up one durability including buffs.

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