This is the page where all of the mobs of FEZ are listed. Note that the list is divided into mob species.

  • Fairy type mobs do not attack unless provoked
  • Hound and Undead types attack when they have spotted you (Some types may or maynot attack)
  • When in an nonattacking state mobs will recover 10% HP every few seconds
  • If there are a group of different mobs then some types may not spawn until the other mobs are killed
  • Mob Attack is calculated different


  • This type only appears on mainland maps. Can attack relatively quickly; Tends to spawn with Goblins;High Level spiders are rare
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Venomous 2-12 100+LV*30 Piece of Meat/Clover
Gobs Venomous - 80+LV*24
Great Venomous 7-17 120+LV*36 Piece of Meat/Lesser Power Pot (8) Higher Buckler


  • When Goblins are at low HP they have a tendency to run at a faster speed
  • Lower Level Goblins will drop Goblin Book
  • Higher level Goblins are called (Hoblins) and drop Meat Pie and Alchemy Secrets
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Goblin Tamer - 100+LV*30

Lesser Power Potion


Goblin Book

Goblin Novice - 100+LV*30

(12)Mast Tunic,Trendy Shirt

(13)Mast Trousers,Trendy Skirt

(14)Mast Shoes,TrendyShoes

Goblin Thief - 100+LV*30 (16)Rover Gloves, Protect Gloves
Goblin Mage - 100+LV*30 (16) Mage Gauntlet
Goblin Guard - 120+LV*36 (16)Brass Gloves, Cactus Gauntlet
Goblin Captain - 120+LV*36 Alchemy Secrets (15)Large Shield
Hoblin - 100+LV*30

Power Pot


Alchemy Secret

Hoblin Scout - 100+LV*30
Hoblin Sorcerer - 100+LV*30
Hoblin Warrior - 120+LV36 (40)Chaus Headgear,Chaus Gloves, Chaus Breastplate, Chaus Tassets, Chaus Boots
Hoblin Lord - 120+LV*36 (40) Lynx Headgear, Lynx Gloves, Lynx Breastplate,Lynx Tassets, Lynx Boots


  • Can attack with Spears, Bows, or Feet. Range of Feet isn't large but puts the Harpy in a higher position
  • Princess Harpy can use both Spear and Bows
  • Drops Enigma Box
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Harpy Chick - 80+LV*24

Lesser Power Pot

Enigma Box

Harpy Feather

Harpy - 100+LV*30

(23-25)Noble Leggins,Brutal Loincloth

(36)Chaos Robe

Harpy Tamer - 100+LV*30
Harpy Scout - 100+LV*30

(23)Range Shorts,Hot Pants, Silk Tighers

(27)Onmitsu Headgear, Challenger Cap

(28)Onmitsu Gauntlet,Challenger Gloves

(29)Onmitsu Protector, Challenger Pants

(30)Leather Armor(M),Onmitsu Armor,Leather Armor(F) Challenger Jacket

Harpy Lancer - 100+LV*30

(27)Legend Helm, Hound Headgear

(28)Legend Gauntlet, Hound Gloves, Wicked Bonnet, Wicked Gloves

(29)Legend Guard, Hound Loincloth

(30)Black Armor, Legend Armor, Gothic Protector, Hound Bustier

(31)Legend Boots, Onmitsu Shoes, Wicked Shoes

Harpy Princess - 120+LV*36

(29)Hound Shoes, Challenger Boots, Wicked Hauberk,Bishop Tights, Bishop Greaves

(30)Prayer Habit, Wicked Habit, Black Robe, Bishop Tunic

(32)Bishop Gloves, Bishop Chapeau

(36)Druidic Cape

Harpy Queen - 130+LV*39 Nicona Road only


  • Tends to spawn in large groups
  • Drops lots of armor
  • High level Orc are white in color and have title of a knight or noble
  • LV48 Duke Orc can be damaged at LV40
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Orc Peon - 120+LV*36 Bacon/Cheese
Orc Shaman - 120+LV*36 Bacon

(19)Deep Sea Hat

(20)Darkness Hoot,Deep Sea Gloves

(21)Lord Slacks,Ruffle Skirt, Darkness Bottoms,Deep Sea Skirt

(22)Darkness Robe, Deep Sea Bustier

(23)Darkness Boots, Deep Sea Boots

(25)Aster Cap

(26)Aster Hands

(28)Black/White Headgear, Monotone Band

Orc Raider - 140+LV*42

(19) Scarlet Headband

(20) Dune, Gauntlet, Scarlet Gloves

(21)Lord Boots, Enamel Shoes, Dune Trousers, Scarlet Tassets

(22)Dune Armor, Scarlet Breastplate

(23)Dune Greaves, Scarlet Boots

(27)Leather Headgear, Leather Band

Orc Grunt - 140+LV*42

(19)Garm Helmet, Gator Helm

(20)Garm Gloves, Gator Gauntlet

(21)Lord Doublet,Ruffle Dress, Garm Chausses

(22)Garm Guardian, Gator Armor

(23)Garm Boots, Gator Boots

(25)Mauve Headrest

(27)Black Helm

Orc Chieftain - 160+LV*48


(28)Peak Shield

(29)Knight Helm, Peak Shield

Baron Orc 32-41 120+LV*36

(33)Spike Headrest

(36)Flame Vambrace, Lady Vambles, Archer Mail, Scout Jacket

(38)Divine Hood, Arch Cap

(40)Heroic Set(M)

Viscount Orc 35-44 125+LV*37.5

(36)Flame Vambraces, Lady Vambraces, Archer Mail, Scout Jacket

(40)Heroic (F)

Count Orc 38-46 130+LV*39

(38)Arch Hand, Divine Gloves

(40)Ninja Set

(44)Traitor Boots, Maiden Shoes

Marquis Orc 41-47 150+LV*45 (44)Traitor Slacks, Maiden Skirt
Duke Orc 44-48 180+LV*54 (44)Traitor Doublet, Maiden Dress


  • Bite attack has a a large range , works like a bullet type attack
  • Drops Piece of Meat and Beast Blood
  • Beast Blood Page
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Gobs Jackel 6-9 100+LV*30

Piece of Meat

Beast Blood

Blood Wolf 8-10 100+LV*30
Shadow Beast 16-18 100+LV*30
Harpy's Jackal 18 100+LV*30
Hell Hound 32-35 120+LV*36
Garm 42-46 120+LV*36


  • Will only attack if you attack hit
  • Uses Basic Magic for attacking, Alsied can use Blizzard Caress and Thunderbolt
  • Drops Apples
  • Notes are skills that mobs can use
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Dryad - 80+LV*24


Lesser Regenerate

Runs using Basic Magic Attack at low HP
Alseid - 80+LV*24

Runs using Basic Magic Attack at low HP

Fire Lance (DoT 24*3)

Spark Flare (DoT 36*3)

Naiad - 80+LV*24

Runs using Basic Magic Attack at low HP

Ice Bolt (Root)

Blizzard Breath (Root)

Napaea - 80+LV*24

Runs using Basic Magic Attack at low HP



Oread - 100+LV*30

(31)Sage Hood,Sage Glove

(32)Divine Tunic, Divine Leggings, Divine Boots

(33) Holy Sets

Runs using Basic Magic Attack at low HP

Blizzard Breath (10s Root)

Titani - 100+LV*30

Spark Flare (DoT 36*3)

Thunderbolt (Knockblow)



  • Large in size and high HP;Has some powerful attacks
  • Drops Steak
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Ice Lizard - 180+LV*54



Black Eye

Red Eye

Blizzard Breath (4s Root)
Fire Lizard - 180+LV*54 Spark Flare (DoT 36*3)
Thunder Lizard - 180+LV*54 Lightning
Basilisk 38-40 250+LV*75 Lightning
Salamander 43-45 250+LV*75 Spark Flare (DoT*3)


  • Moves at fast speed; uses mid range attack and can use sonic boom
  • Best to avoid this mob
  • Drops Steak (Drop rate 9.17% /Tested L37-39/109/1000)
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop
Griffon 35-46 180+LV*54 Steak (40) Still Set
King Griffon 46-47 220+LV*66


  • Spawns in part of maps bettwen 20:00-5:00 game time
  • Has slow movement but can see scout that are hidden
  • Drops Apples and Dragon Souls
  • Tend the be highest level mobs in a mob
  • class are Pawn/Robber/Hunter/Soldier/Lord with different attack patterns
  • Zombie/Ghoul/Ghast/Wight/Revenant are the same
  • High level Liches cannt be killed
  • Robber is 1-H and with shield
  • Hunter is Bow
  • Soldier has Axe with Smash
  • Lord has Shield and shield with magic attack/ spawn is low
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Zombie 1-5 100+LV*30


Dragon Soul

Bone Pawn 6 100+LV*30
Bone Robber 7 100+LV*30
Bone Hunter 8 100+LV*30
Bone Soldier 9 100+LV*30
Bone Lord 10 100+LV*30
Ghoul 11-15 100+LV*30
Skeleton Pawn 16 100+LV*30
Skeleton Robber 17 100+LV*30
Skeleton Hunter 18 100+LV*30
Skeleton Soldier 19 100+LV*30
Skeleton Lord 20 100+LV*30
Ghast 21-25 100+LV*30

(21 )Lord Crown

(22)Iron Buckler

Shade Pawn 26 100+LV*30
Shade Robber 27 100+LV*30
Shade Hunter 28 100+LV*30 (28)Black Hood
Shade Soldier 30 100+LV*30
Wight 31-35 100+LV*30
Spector Pawn 36 100+LV*30
Spector Robber 37 100+LV*30
Spector Hunter 38 100+LV*30
Spector Lord 40 100+LV*30

(40)Tower Shield

Revenant 41-45 100+LV*30 (44)Traitor Crown,Maiden Headress
Lich 46-49 100+LV*30 -

Arcturce Crater only

L49 Impossible to defeat

Lich King 50 ? - -

Arturce Crater only

Impossible to defeat

Death ShadowEdit

  • Appears in Mainland maps
  • Human type mob
  • Leader Heavy smash can be damaging
  • Can see through Hide
  • Drops lots of equipment
Name LV Range HP Common drop Specific Drop Notes

Bandit Leader

Robber Leader




High Chain Set

High Quilted Set

High Cotton Set

High Caster Set

Loris Set

Galago Set

Robber Hammer(Bandit)

Resent Hammer (Robber)

Heavy Smash

Bandit Guard

Robber Guard




Shield Bash

Bandit Sword

Robber Sword

15 Sonic
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Note

Zombie Leader

Wraith Leader




Langur Set

Lapadis Set

Sol Patia Set

Lunda Patia Set

Thief's Notebook(Zombie)

Resentful Notebool(Wraith)

Heavy Smash

Zombie Warrior

Wraith Warrior




Brass Set

Cactus Set

Shield Bash

same skills as Guard

Zombie Guard

Wraith Guard

19 Shield Bash

Zombie Scout

Wraith Scout


Formal Set

Rover Set

True Shot

Can see Hide

Zombie Sorcerer

Wraith Sorcerer


Sorcerer Set

Mage Set

Ice Bolt

Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Note

Ghast Leader

Shade Leader




Anubis Set

Titi Set

Sol Delias Set

Luna Delias Set

Frill Set(Shade)

Lord Set(Shade)

Robber Dust(Shade)

Resentful Quartz(Shade)

Heavy Snash

Ghast Sword

Shade Swordman




Gator Set

Garm Set

Sonic Boom

Ghast Guard

Shade Guard

21 Shield Bash

Ghast Scout

Shade Scout




Dune Set

Scarlet Set

True Shot

Can see Hide

Ghast Mage

Sorcerer Shade


Darkness Set

Deep Sea Set

Ice bolt

Ghast Wizard

Shade Wizard

18 Fire


Note that bosses are always named in all capital letters

Name LV HP EXP Gold Drop Note
AXE VENOMOUS 13 1777 7 7 Venomous Egg

Netz:Philadea Basin G:7

Ces:Shelune Reserve G:7

Yel:Upstream Pechan D:3

Hor:Ahdrat Stream E:1

Gev:Ivory Road G:1

PHANTOM WOLF 21 2500 17 17 Phantom Wolf Fang

Norma Attack (Blind)

Hellfire (DoT 36*3)

Netz:Erica Island B:2

Ces:Norsvek Plateau F:7

Yels:Meltnore Ruins F:4

Gev:Raven's Horde Island F:7

Tutorial MobsEdit

  • Mobs do not drop other items
Area Name LV HP Note
Entrance Venomous 1 100 Runs if HP below 10%
Garrison Griffon 15 30000

Runs if HP below 10%

Appearance of King Griffon

Drops Clover (Rare)

Forest Map1 Venomous 1 130
Goblin Novice 1 130 Runs if HP below 10%
Forest Map 2 Blood Wolf 2 160
Dryad 2 160 Runs if HP below 10%
Harpy Chick 3 190
Forest Map3 Baron Orc 4 220 Always Drops Bacon
Forest Map 4 Skeleton Soldier 4 220
Mountain Map1 Venomous 5 220
Gobs Venomous 5 230
Goblin Tamer 5 250 Runs if HP below 10%
Goblin Thief 5 250 Runs if HP below 10%
Goblin Mage 5 230
Goblin Guard 5 280
Mountain Map 2 Alseid 6 190 Runs if HP below 10%
Naiad 6 190 Runs if HP below 10%
Napaea 6 190 Runs if HP below 10%
Orc Shaman 6 280
Orc Raider 6 320
Orc Grunt 6 320
Harpy Scout 6 320 Drops Harpy Wing (Rare)
Harpy Lancer 6 360 Drops Harpy Wing (Rare)
Harpy Queen 6 400 Drops Harpy Wing (Rare)
Mountain Map 3A Giant Venomous 7 420 Appearance of Great Venomous (Larger)
King Venomous 8 460 Appearance of AXE VENOMOUS (Larger)
Mountain Map 4 Griffon 9 650
Valley Map2 SUMMON GIANT 10 1000 Blue Giant/Big Cannon deals large damage/Drops no Gold
SUMMON GIANT 15 1500 Blue Giant/Big Cannon deals large damage/Drops no Gold
Valley Map 4 Ice Lizard 1 800 Drops no Gold/EXP
Fire Lizard 1 800 Drops no Gold/EXP
Thunder Lizard 1 800 Drops no Gold/EXP

Fort Mobs LimitedEdit

  • Spawns in the fort areas in the Chronicle Forts
  • Be careful since these mobs can use the Scout's Breaks and can attack consecutively
  • Similiar to the Death Shadow Mobs
  • All mobs can see though Hide/ Also has Voices
  • LV40 Mobs give Gold and EXP of L45 and L35 give EXP and Gold of LV40
Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Mr.Littel 40 Enigma Box


Arrow Rain



Power Break

Mr.Heroic Blaze Slash

Heavy Smash

Force Impact

Mr.Xenocryst Judgment Ray
Mr.Anchisiades Downdrive

Strike Down

Deceit Action


Shut out

Intense Fire

Name LV Range HP Common Drop Specific Drop Notes
Mimic Stabber 35

Meat Pie

Power Pot

Enigma Box


Poison Blow

Void Darkness

Samurai Sniper Sarasvati Arrow Rain

Eagle Shot

White Blow

Flame Sorceress

Spark Flare


Thunder Sorceress Judgment Ray
Ice Sorceress Usas Blizzard Caress
High Sorceress Gravity Field
Death Scythe Vrita

Heavy Smash

Force Impact

Samurai Master

Extend Blade

Force Impact

Dark Knight Durga

Blaze Slash

Sonic Boom

Iron Beast Intense Fire
Fixed Item Drop Proserpina (Polearm/Axe/L27), Mandrake (Staff/L18) Ciel en L'Arc (Staff/L23)

Gold and EXP TableEdit

1 1 5 11 11 49 21 30 141 31 240 630 41 2968 4946
2 2 9 12 12 55 22 37 160 32 312 779 42 3880 3500
3 3 13 13 13 61 23 47 184 33 395 940 43 5090 8713
4 4 17 14 14 37 24 58 210 34 487 1106 44 6567 11400
5 5 21 15 15 75 25 72 239 35 641 1378 45 8620 15180
6 6 26 16 16 82 26 86 264 36 821 1676 46 11086 19414
7 7 30 17 17 91 27 104 326 37 1064 2059 47 14981 26113
8 8 35 18 18 101 28 128 385 38 1360 2500 48 - 34426
9 9 39 19 20 113 29 156 449 39 1775 3100
10 10 44 20 24 126 30 195 536 40 2258 3735

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