Mission MapEdit

  • Mission maps are set differs between nations and servers
  • The current mission map can be found by talking to the <Manager> NPC found in every quarter in every capital
  • Along with the map name, the number of maps captured will be listed and a time limit (Hours and minutes will be displayed but not seconds)
  • Multiple nations can have the same mission map


  • A map is captured when your nation holds it at the end of the time limit
  • You do not need to hold the map for the full time limit


  • The Mission Map will update every 8 hours; you must hold the map before the time limit ends in order to capture it
  • Time limit will only be displayed in Hours and minutes; Seconds will not be displayed
  • It is very possible for mutiple nations to have the same mission map
  • Server Maintenance doesn't affect the Mission Map time limit
  • Mission Map is randomly selected from the adjacent maps from the Territories your nation controls; the one selected will be one your nation doesn't control


  • In foreign servers it is considered rude to reveal other nation's MM
  • Number of captured mission maps affect the Mission Quests
    • Twilight Weapons (Adv):over 12 Mission maps causes a chance for Nidhogg to spawn
    • For the Sake of Love: Lower number of Mission maps gives a higher chance for Red Ghost to spawn

Official ShopEdit

  • When the number of mission map leftover to be captured reaches 0; the official Shop will update
  • Every nation has 20 chances to capture at least 12 of the 20 maps in order to open their Official Shop
  • Failures will not be recorded
  • It takes at least 5 Minutes for the Official Shop to open when Official Shop is under update after all 20 chances are gone
  • Official Shop updates about once a week (Every 160 Hours)
  • Official Shop sells about 19 items; Items are sold in Gold and Rings
  • Low level Official Shop items rival the AV of higher level ring Shop equipment;however usually have slightly lower durability
  • See Official Shop page for more information about Shop items
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