Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Miscellaneous MessagesEdit

  • Durability warning message when armor/weapon reaches below 20%
  • Durability reaches zero warning
  • GM messages


  • Obelisk radar refreshes every 5 seconds
  • Party Radar refreshes every second


  • Fantasy Earth Zero features many different Collaborations from other games or stories. However these collaborations are unique to JPFEZ

Minor BugsEdit


  • See the Battlefields Rule Page

About Game BGMEdit

File Played File Played File Played
m01.wma Title m11.wma War (Losing) m101.wma Vinelle Island
m02.wma Character Select m12.wma War Victory m102.wma Arena Lobby
m03.wma Continent MAP m13.wma War Defeat m103.wma Arena Field
m04.wma Field A m14.wma Field C m104.wma Arena (Losing)
m05.wma Field B m15.wma Unused 1 m105.wma Death Match Tournament
m06.wma Capital m16.wma Field D m106.wma Galm (Interior)
m07.wma War-(Winning) m17.wma Briefing Room m107.wma Death Match Tournament Losing
m08.wma Declaration of War m18.wma Unused 2
--------- -------- m19.wma Field E
m10.wma War m20.wma Level Up
  • Unused 1 has shown up on official Videos but not in game
  • Unused 2 is not used at all

Play MapsEdit

Field A(m04) Field B(m05) Field C(m14) Field D (m16) Field E (m19)
Victorion Erica Island

Mount Rockshank Base

Anore Heights

Mount St. Erde Base

Mount St. Luidia Base

Philadea Basin Soledad Ruins

Gavacent Island

Hooga Island

Ademgen Peninsula

Serpent's Canyon

Scylla Strait

Brizarre Moor

Meltnore Ruins
Oreole Moluen Island

Mount Cudray Base

Frothia Mountains

Galuon Headwater

Adratt Stream

Ocorale Ruins

Arvine Road


Raven Horde's Island

Sienna Hill

Shepeth Heights

Nashblitz Canyon

Ripple Canyon

Melma Basin

Ivory Road

Hannannah Island

Colante Plain

Norvsek Plateau

Lowgrove Plateau

Haideln Highland

Telcanon Ruins

Dagger Island

Jocoal Hill

Hawkwind Heights

Elghil Heights

Mt. Despire Base

Claus Mountains

Krora Snowfield

Goblin Fork

Land of Origin

Wagnus' Land

Spica Crater

Arcturce Crater

Capella Crater

Claudia Headwater

Selvane Heights

Warlock Battlefield

Kincash Battlefield

Nicona Road

Inbeth Heights

Lanath Castle

Zark Battlefield

Orion City

Training Grounds

Mirza TrainingField

Bareria Ruins

Error CodesEdit


EXP EventsEdit

Game TimeEdit

In-Game Time Actual Time
1 Hour 100 Seconds
24 Hours (1Day) 40 Minutes

Skill TimesEdit

Skill Actual time In-Game Time
Root- LV3 Blizzard Caress 5.5sec 3.3minutes
Arm Break L3 12s 7.2 min
Power Break L3 24s 14.4min
Void Darkness (Blind) L3 30s 18min
Poison Blow (Poison)L3 32s 19.2m
Embolden 120s 1hr 12min
Hide L3 195s 1hr 57min
Chant L2&L3 240s 2 hr 24min
Root Resist 12s 7.2 min
Stun Resist 15s 9min
Obelisk Building Time 30s 18min
Arrow Tower Building Time 40s 24min
Bulwark Building Time 60s 36min

Vote Kick MechanicsEdit

System that allows players to kick disruptive players out of the war. Must be L15 or higher to nominate

  • Nominate by the Search function, left click vote kick
  • Voting to kick requires 5 nomination votes
  • 60% or more must approve in order to be kicked

No level restriction on the final voting. Once 5 nomination votes are achieved then all players on that side must vote whether or not to kick the player out. Voting time per person is 30 seconds.Not voting will count as a No.


  • See the Newsletter page



Regardless of class and level the base max HP is 1000

  • Only way to increase this amount is by using enchants ; amount that can be increased is 30-200
  • No natural regeneration exists
  • Healing HP is done by using items, using the inn or healing by mining at the crystal
  • Leveling up will fully recover your HP


Regardless of class,level and summon the max PW is 100

  • Only way to increase PW is by enchants ; amount that can be increased is 1-5
  • PW recovers over time
  • If you are using a skill you can cancel your PW recovery frame
  • You can use items to recover PW as well
  • Leveling up will fully recover your PW


Max level currently is 40

  • Level up allows you to equip higher level equipment
  • Allows you do deal more damage to mobs
  • Have a higher base attack
  • At higher level, you will deal more damage to your base if you die


  • Score is added at the end of every war based on your results;High score doesn't neccessary mean a great contribution to the team
  • Increasing score will increase your rank which would allow you to earn more rings at the end of war


  • No benefit at all, primarily used for showing off. See the titles page for information.

Attack PowerEdit

  • Higher power means more damage
  • This value is used in calculations but more things still apply
  • Attack can be used by using higher AV weapons or by using Reinforce Attack (Warrior 2-H only)
  • Attack can be decreased by using Reinforce Guard or being hit by Acid Shot


  • Higher Defense means you take less damage
  • This value is used directly in defense
  • Increasing defense is allowed by using Reinforce Guard (1-H Warrior only)/Shut Out(Cestus)Wolf Style(Cestus)
  • Defense is lowered if are guard broken by Guard Break(Scout) or used Reinforce Attack (Warrior)

Base AttackEdit


Durability is preset for every item there is no way to increase it. Durability will be reduced upon getting hit or by using a skill that hits the enemy


At durability zero, the equipment does not disappear but ability values of the equipment will change to zero; Use a whetstone to repair it


  • See the Durability Page for information
  • At Durability zero you cannot use any skills at all including basic attack


  • See Durability Page for information
  • At durability zero, that piece of equipment will be treated as AV 0 however the change will not appear in your Status menu


  • You are dead when HP reaches 0; death penalty is different based on the current state of the map
  • You cannot die by DoT;If you have DoT effect then HP will be left at 1 HP (Chimera is an exception)
Peace State 1% of your total gold is lost
War Preparation Cannot die cannot this time
War Damage is dealt to your base
Truce/Takeover 5 Gold is lost
Battlefield Tutorial No penalty; Crystals will be at 50 upon respawn


  • Upon respawning you will be in a state of temporary inviniciblity (10s unless you use a skill it wears off)
  • Time to respawn is 15s;More you die, the longer your respawn time will be
  • You can use Flame of Life at a low chance to respawn; using the Flame of Life will cause you to respawn in the place you died
  • To help decrease dying penalty use the bank

Class ChangeEdit

Status EffectsEdit

Zombie MobsEdit

  • Appears at 20:00~5:00 game time; however if they have provoked or in aggressive state then they will not disappear at 5:00
  • Certain points on maps where some zombie mobs spawn more
  • They drop Dragon Soul and Apples regardless of MOB level
  • They can attack Scouts using Hide

Cliff ClimbingEdit

  • Using a series of jumps you can go up higher than anyother place


  • Refer to Recycle Page

Ring-Arb ComparsionEdit

  • Refer to comparsion page

GM only equipmentEdit

Icon Item Type AV LV Durability Slot Note
Orient Rose Sword 103 1 ? 1
Valhalla Axe 129 1 ? 1
Unknown Dagger 103 1 ? 1
Half Bow 75 1 ? 1
Rafael Staff 103 1 ? 1
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