Mining is a core element in FEZ, as it is the process in which players can collect crystals to summon or build structures. However crystals are limited to each crystal mine and as the mine's hp hits zero you can no longer mine anymore crystals from it. Note that the max amount of crystals you can carry is 50 and you can trade crystals to players to build or summon faster. A dead crystal is darkened while a live crystal is glowing.

Dead Crystal Active Crystal
Deadcrystal Activecrystal

How to mineEdit

Mining is very simple to do. All you need to do is look for a shiny blue crystal on the field. On the minimap it looks like a white diamond. Get in the vicinity of the mine and press "C" to crouch down and begin mining. It takes up to 3 seconds to generate one crystal and 1 crystal drains 50hp from the crystal mine. The current amount of crystals you are holding is displayed on the bottom next your pockets. More restrictions on mining will be explained below.

Mining CapEdit

There is cap on the amount of crystals that a player can hold at once, in which it largely depends on the level of character. When you have hit the cap you can no longer mine for crystal until you go under the cap. Do remember when a crystal is "dead" you can no longer mine crystals from it so do not mistake the hitting the mining cap for when the crystal has died.

Level Amount of Crystal to mine
1-10 Only 10
11-19 Allow amount is equivalent to your current level
20-35 20
36-40 An addition crystal is rewarded for every level above 35 (25 max)

Slow DownEdit

After mining for a while you may notice that you are not mining as fast as you thought you were. This is because mining gets slower after you have collected 12 crystals. Mining after you have 12 crystals will result in a slow down of 10 seconds in which it will take about 10 seconds to mine another crystal. This only applies if you have 12 crystals on you currently. Mining rate will resume normally when you have less than 12.

Amount of Crystals Holding Time need to mine 1 crystal
Below 12 5 seconds
Above12 10 seconds
Crystal Cap Cannot mine anymore crystals

Crystal UsageEdit

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