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Military DrillEdit

  • The military drill system is a system that is used to reward players that help beginners with the new player shield
  • Manager will inform players who have removed their beginner shield once they enter town
  • The military drill is based on a point system in which points are rewarded at the end of each week depending on how much a player has helped a new player. To access the military drill system talk to the manager in your capital. (Available in JP and HK)
  • To exchange points for items talk to the <Manager> NPC in your capital
  • Note: Points are only rewarded only if that player only has characters with the beginner shield, if there is at least one character without a shield, then points are not rewarded.

Reward TableEdit

Number of Points Item Name Title
1 20 Bacon/10 Steak -
5 50 Regenerate / 50 Power Regenerate -
15 Dragon Soul/Beast Blood -
30 Vinelle Wine /Shante's Special Bread -
100 20 Rare Steak Senpai(Senior)
200 Orc Head -
400 Giant Head (Red) Skilled Soldier
800 Venomous Head
1200 Griffon Head High Master(Fatherly Figure)
1600 Knight Head (Red)
2000 Proof of Accomplishment Highest Respect
  • This table is organized by prize point value, meaning if there are mutiple items in one point row then each one of those prizes cost that amount of points)

Earning PointsEdit

Removing Beginner ShieldEdit

20 Points are rewarded to each player online in the same corp as the beginner, when the beginner is able to remove the shield. (Only after the military drill resets)


Limit:10 points a week


Conditions Points Rewarded
Pass an item (each time) 1P
Pass gold (must be more than 1000G) 1P


Conditions Points Rewarded
Beginner invites a person 1P
Invite a beginner 1P
A point per beginner in party 1P
Forming a party (Beginner) 1P


A beginner must fulfill this action to gain points also you must be in the same party for these points to apply. These points are added at the end of the war

Time in WarEdit

Conditions Points Rewarded Limit
15 minutes in war 1 1
50% of war-89% 3 3
90-100% of war 5 5


Conditions Points Rewarded Limit
Every 1,000 PC damage 1 20
Every 1,500 Building damage 1 20
Every 5,000 PC damage when summoned 1 4
Every 7,500 Building damage when summoned 1 4
Killing an enemy 1 20
Building an obelisk 2 10
Building other buildings 1 10
Summoning a Knight


Summoning a Giant 1 3
Summoning a Wraith 2 6
Every 30 Contribution 1 10


+1 Point for every beginner in party


Must be in same corp for points to apply


Conditions Points Rewarded Limit
Inviting a beginner 1
Disbanding(Per every beginner in corp) -2
A beginner that leaves -1
Expelling a beginner -2


Conditions Points Rewarded Limit
50% of time in war 1 1
90% of time in war 2 2


Point cap is 99,999 and the lowest you can go is -100

Beginners cannot gain points; only those without the shield can gain points

Number of points earned will be displayed at the end of war

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