Events that occured in FEZ's lifetime. (Not listed in chronological order)

  • Multiterm development in 2001
  • FenixSoft Takeover 2007
  • Square Enix development takeover in 2008
  • Started off as Fantasy Earth: Ring of Dominion 2006
  • Gamepot takeover, revamped and published as Fantasy Earth Zero 2006
  • Fantasy Earth Zero Hangame and Gamepot collaboration launched
  • Fantasy Earth Zero China by Square Enix China launched
  • Fantasy Earth Zero Hong Kong by Gamania HK launched
  • Fantasy Earth Zero Taiwan launched by Gamania TW
  • Fantasy Earth Zero NA launched by GamepotUSA /failed
  • announcement of 1 million players
  • Won Webmoney award
  • FEZHK won PC Game award
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