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  • Timeline page for story events in game
  • Most of this was compiled by JP players from talking to random NPCs along with the Official Guide Book information
  • Main Source
Melpharia Timeline
Era Date Information Notes/Citation

Ancient Myth

(Melpharian Fable)


In the beginning there was but one crystal in the world. The Great Creator shattered this crystal, and as its shards fell, they became mountains, seas, plants, and animals. This is how this world was born.

"Everything has its roots in the crystals--they are this world's energy. We feel power in crystals because we are their children.¨

-Melpharian Fable (Official Storyline)

No other mention of the "creator" is mentioned in game
Ancient Melpharia 0

The development of skills caused the trivial disputes of the past to evolve into full-blown battles. The many wars brought about more combat-oriented skills. Those skills that couldn't be adapted to war were lost. As the development of skills expanded the scope of war, the world was thrown into chaos. Days of battles turned into years--millennia--of wars.

However, one day an end finally came to these wars. A young elf and his followers used a powerful, refined magic combined with an extremely powerful crystal to unite the world.

The elf that succeeded in uniting the world became king. His name was Marcktece Ecetia, though most know him as the ¡§First King.¡¨ His kingdom, extending vast across the world, became known as the Kingdom of Ecetia. The continent where Marcktece placed his capital was named the Ecetia Continent.

(Official Storyline)

Unification of Melpharia

Every living being now lived in harmony with the efforts of the first king who united the world. The world was now united as one by the first King Marckece Ecetia who founded the Ecetian Kingdom.( However, no formal document exists containing information of this time.?)

The ancient Ecetia period. The foundation of Ecetia was formed from the unitifaction of the world by the first king Marcktece Ecetia. Marcktece Ecetia was also an elf.

(Game NPC: Inoora/Enola?)

Year 0; Start of the first King;NA actually contains a lot more context than JP strangely~
? The world was unified when the first king created the "Ring of Rule" using the sacred crystal. Legend told the ring had enough radiance to spread throughout the the six continents (NPC Arena)

Rule can also be interpreted as dominion but dominion is an area of rule rather than ruling itself. Used sacred crystal here to tie more in with the NA version. Unknown whether or not this is the beginning of Ring of Dominion or Fantasy Earth Zero.

The creation of the ring.

? Beginnings of Gevrandia;Marks Gevrandia as the game's oldest nation
? No exact year founding exists but this is the beginning of the nation would become Netzavare
? Formation of Cesedria
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