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Macros are shortcuts to several functions of game that are not placed on a specific hotkey. Although some are more useful than others and some completely useless. It's still quite important to learn which macros are useful as it may help benefit other players by giving information on the battlefield more quickly. Macros are more often used to help track summons with such <tsm><pos>. You can open your macro window by pressing "Y" of which you have 5 sets of 5 different macros you can use with the F1~F5 buttons. If you wish to switch the sets of macros you are currently using press the left control button to switch your current set of macros. In total you can use up to 25 different macros and only 5 sets in total. 5 Macros per one set.


Macro Function Use/Notes
<tnm> Displays your target's name Allows easier use of copy and pasting NPC names from chat logs
<tar> Displays Target's Corp Name
<tcl> Displays your Target's Class Used to find Class of summons
<tco> Displays your target's kingdom
<mcl> Displays your own class
<mnm> Displays your name
<mar> Displayers your Corp name
<pos> Displays the coordinates for your position Used to report the location of summons or obelisks
<area> Displays the name of the current map you are in Shortcut to typing out map name
<clock> Displays current In-Game time (Different from real time)Can be used skill timing or timing quests
<hp> Displays your current HP Use in conjunction with <hpm>;used to tell alies current hp
<hpm> Displays your max HP Use in conjunction with <hp>;used to tell alies current hp
<hpp> Displays your HP percentage
<pw> Displays your current PW Use in conjunction with <pwm>;used to tell allies your current PW, normally used for wraiths or sorcerers
<pwm> Displays your max PW Use in conjunction with <pw>;used to tell allies your current PW, normally used for wraiths or sorcerers
<pwp> Displays your PW percentage
<msm> Displays your current summon Normally used with <pos> and other macros
<tsm> Displays your target's summon Used with <pos> to report the location of enemy summons; very important macro to use
<cntl> Displays the name of the contienent you are on
<direc> Displays current camera position
<icon#> Used to display Icons Subsitute # with a number from 1-7
/addblacklist <charactername> Adds a person to your blacklist Removes that user's chat from your sight
/List Lists all commands Useful for beginners
/help describes command functions



Places Trainer Icon Available only after 100 completed wars;Nation icon is replaced



Places Crystal Icon Nation icon is replaced

/equip <item name or slot#>

/eq <item name or slot#>

Switches to that equipment name or that item slot Important for hybrids
/sos Call for reinforcements Used for calling in help
/comment <text> changes your character comment Can also be changed from status
/raise <medal ID number> Changes your character's medal Used in Chronicles


Command Function Use
/all <text> Talk in all chat Red by default

/say <text>

/s <text>

Talk in general chat White by default

/party <text>

/p <text>

Talk in party chat Light blue by default

/army <text>

/a <text>

Talk in army chat Yellow by default

/armysay <text>

/as <text>

Talk in Allied Nations chat Brown by default

/force <text>

/f <text>

Talk in Corp Chat Green by default

/tell <character name> <text>

/t <character name> <text>

Whisper to a person Pink by default


  • /sea or /search <Parameters separated by a space>
    • Parameter 1: Contienent Name
    • Parameter 2: Field Name
    • Parameter 3: Nation
    • Parameter 4: Class
    • Parameter 5: Level
    • Parameter 6: Rank
    • Parameter 7: Character Name

If no conditions are placed then the default search window is open /sea is the same as pressing "/" hotkey


  • Names in black are not in war
  • Names in Orange are in war; attacking side
  • Names in Blue are in war;defending side

Death CommentEdit

/dc leaves a message when you die (you have to set it before you die since you canft talk when youfre dead)

  • /dc = Death Comment
  • /dc no = normal
  • /dc kn = knight
  • /dc gi = giant
  • /dc wr = wratih
  • /dc ch = chim
  • /dc dr = dragon
  • /cc or /check comment = check all death comments


Command Emotion
/Greet Greet
/Think Think
/Agree Agree
/Slap Slap
/Surprised Surprised
/Clap Clap
/Angry Angry
/Point Point
/Digusted Digusted
/Approach Approach
/Kneel Kneel
/Salute Salute
/Confuse Confuse
/Pout Pout
  • Your weapon will be unequipped when using an emotion


Command Function
<av#> Use a voice macro (Only nearby allies can hear)
<sv#> Use a voice macro (Nearby players can hear)
<mv#> Display voice macro speech in chatbox (Speech is not played)
  • Lines for each voice macro are different for each voice ticket but have the same meaning for each number; lines are typically brief by default, they are usually longer if you have a custom voice ticket
  • Enable voices to default to set all character voices to default settings (no custom tickets will be played)
(#) Voice Action
1 Understood
2 Denied
3 Thanks
4 Praise
5 Sorry
6 Charge
7 Retreat
8 Be careful
9 Don't follow
10 help/support
11 destroy building
12 Support the front
13 Provoke
14 Advance

  • These Voice Macros change if you have a custom voice ticket for your character

The voice macros were never dubbed for the english version and all the other versions currently use the Japanese voice macros.



Please see the macro example page for more player examples for macros.

Main article: Macro Examples

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Improper MacrosEdit

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