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Kingdom of Yelsord


King Nias

Ruler VA

Norio Wakamoto



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Yuuko Sanpei







Yelsord's IconBackgroundEdit

The Kingdom of Yelsord controls all land on the Pedestal continent. Its history is long, beginning when King Edias, the fifteenth king of the Kingdom of Melgia, dispatched Royal Prince Cedias to control the Yelsord region of the Pedestal Continent. The current ruler is King Nias. His governance well balanced, the country swells with power.

The Kingdom of Yelsord has a tendency to favor knowledge over might, though this may be a remnant of the country’s past. Yelsord is the home of many scholars and the source of much of the research into alchemy.

The current ruler of the Kingdom of Yelsord is Nias Yelsord. Nias is known as the "Wise King" for his ceaseless pursuit of wisdom. He offers aid to the researchers of alchemy, and is famous for bringing the chimera to 80% completion.

Though a pessimist with a love of books, he does not neglect his political duties. Nias was once a vibrant young statesman, though the current stability of modern Yelsord has allowed him to leave the majority of his political duties to his subordinates while he pursues subjects in his own interest. Nias's wisdom is widely esteemed amongst both his subordinates and the country as a whole.

Some people feel that the happiness of this country should extend across the entire world, thus those under Nias work to expand the domain of the Kingdom of Yelsord. King Nias himself watches the plans for expansion with a careful eye, hoping the expansion of territory will lead to an expansion of knowledge available to him.

As King Nias is a descendant of a duke of the Kingdom of Melgia, his preferred title is the "Duke of Yelsord."

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Yelsord's IconOfficial ArtEdit

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