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Kingdom of Netzavare


King Huenkel

Ruler VA

Rikiya Koyama



Second VA

Yui Kano







Netz SymbolBackgroundEdit

The Kingdom of Netzavare controls all land on the Victorion Continent. Said to be the home of a witch in antiquity, many non-human species call this country home. Netzavare is relatively peaceful internally thanks to the rule of its beast lord. After long years of tyranny, the citizens are finally finding freedom. However, opposition to King Huenkel’s rise by force is strong. The debased former royal family waits constantly for a chance to retaliate.

The current ruler of Netzavare is King Huenkel. Once feared as a despot, Huenkel lost a key political conflict and was expelled from Netzavare with his family. Exiled, Huenkel became even more violent. It was then that he and his daughter were cursed by a witch and forced to take the shape of beasts. Though this transformation drove Huenkel into even more of a rage, his anger was eventually quelled by the words of his also-transformed daughter. Despite her young age, she told him "Though our appearance may have changed, we have nothing to fear as long as we are sincere and kind." Huenkel's heart softened when he felt the unchanged kindness of his daughter.

Huenkel decided to atone for his sins and use his power to protect the weak from oppression. When the people witnessed Huenkel's selfless acts and lack of request for recompense, they began to rally around Huenkel.

Huenkel used his newfound power to dispatch with the current king of Netzavare and once again rise to the throne. However, his past as the tyrannical ruler of Netzavare remains a secret to his people to this very day.

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Netz SymbolOfficial ArtEdit

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