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Kingdom of Hordaine


Queen Vadrithe Berkstein Hordaine

Ruler VA

Ami Koshimizu



Second VA

Takeshi Aono







Symbol HordBackgroundEdit

The Kingdom of Hordaine controls the Oreole Continent. Though the kingdom had seen years of internal strife, this conflict has been suppressed by the current ruler, Queen Vadrithe Berkstein Hordaine.

The kingdom overflows with a pioneering spirit though its heart is fervently militant. The overwhelming charisma of Queen Vadrithe inspires efforts to both calm the unrest of the local regions and to conquer the lands around the kingdom. The Kingdom of Hordaine is the most youthful and active country in the six continents.

Queen Vadrithe Berkstein Hordaine is born of the bloodline of the hero Berkstein who founded the Kingdom of Hordaine. Her family, however, had actually fallen from grace many years previous, and Vadrithe had lived her life as a shepherd. One day she received a revelation from the crystals and swore to overthrow the rotting kingdom and conquer the world. From that moment she became the warrior princess.

Since she spent much of her life as a commoner, she can be domestic and has qualms about the strange ways of the court. Vadrithe hopes to unite the world and create a kingdom of peace and justice.

Symbol HordQueen's DeclarationEdit

Symbol HordOfficial ArtEdit

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  • 3rd Character Design (2nd)
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