Version DifferencesEdit

  • This page is used to mark exact details about differences in the NA version
  • ie: minor things such as items and names go here
  • Don't note when here since that belongs in a different page

Client DifferencesEdit

  • Water Reflection
  • Mouse configuration
  • Help file included
  • Higher Resolution support

Game DifferencesEdit

  • Uses SNS network
  • Tends to take CN specific content
  • Collaborations
  • Player-Created items sold in Cash shop
  • Country and Texas Sets sold in Arb Shop
  • Seven Sins Colosseum items changed to different weapons.
  • Arb Shop uses 3 digit price system (JP Price=NA Pricex10;reality the price is $10 more expensive compared to NA;armor sets)
  • Ecetia is expanded the most in JP
  • Lots of code only items
    • Souten Set is from Official FanBook
    • Harmonia Set is from Databook
    • Equites Edition: Code for Equities
    • Armed Edition Code for Faria Set
    • Official Guide Book for Tenbu Set
    • Starter Guide: Melpharia News for Rouge Checker Code
    • Starter Guide:Melpharia News Vol.2 Summer Rouge Set
    • Famitsu Game Magazine for Rouge Checker R
    • Online Games Magazine for Kung Fu set
    • Famitsu Connect May 2012 for Blue Checker Set
    • Razor Mouse Death Adder 3500 for Razor Headgear
  • Tournament Victory items for Glorious Road 2012 Finals
  • Summon Weapons for Melpharia festival attendee lotto


  • Halfstep bannable
  • Playing from foreign country bannable
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