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Icon Name Effect Buying Price Selling Price How to get Details
Powerstone Power Stone Increases Ability Values of weapons 30R Tool Shop Untradeable
Resilientstone Resilient Stone Increases Ability Values of Armor 30R Tool Shop Untradeable
Drillstone Drill Stone +1 Enchant Slot 100R Tool Shop Untradeable
Regressionstone Stone of Origin Negates all enhancements 1R Tool Shop Untradeable
Regressionstone Regression Stone Negates all enhancements 10,000G Tool Shop Untradeable
Powercrystal Power Crystal Increases Ability Values of Weapons -A Tool Shop Untradeable
Resilientcrystal Resilient Crystal Increases Ability Values of Armor -A Tool Shop Untradeable
Drillcrystal Drill Crystal +1 Enchant Slot -A Tool Shop Untradeable


Page where enhance stats are posted

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