BeastBlood DropEdit

This is a survey from the JPWiki. These values are not 100% accurate

Mob Name Survey Drop Rate
Gobs Jackel 15/1230 1.21
Shadow Beast(Fort) 25/504 4.96%
Harpy's Jackel 17/675 2.52%
Blood Wolf 19/1575 1.15%
Shadow Beast 252/7819 3.10%
Hell Hound 306/5343 5.72%
Garm 96/1270 7.55%

Anything with variable next to it means due to other nearby by mobs the number of spawned hounds can differ


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Mount Rockshank Base B:4 Gobs Jackal/ L10/Variable
Philadea Basin F:4 Blood Wolf /L8-10/3
G:7 Gobs Jackal/L10/Variable
Mount St. Luidia Base E:2 Harpys Jackal/L18/Variable
Anore Highlands G:4 Harpys Jackal/L18/Variable
Erica Island D:2 Harpys Jackal/L18/Variable
G:5 Shadow Beast/L18-23/3


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Colante Plain C:5 Blood Wolf/L8-10/3
Norvsek Plateau C:3 Shadow Beast/L17-19/6
Haideln Highland D:3 Harpys Jackal/L18/Variable


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Hooga Island E:5 Blood Wolf/L8-10/3
Upstream Pechan F:2 Blood Wolf /L8-10/3
Sucura Strait B:4 Gobs Jackel/L6/Variable
Serpent's Canyon B:2 Blood Wolf/L8-10/3
Ademgen Peninsula H:5 Harpys Jackal/L18/Variable
Meltnore Ruins E:2 Harpys Jackal/L18/Variable
G:7 Shadow Beast/L16-20/6


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Ahdrat Stream B:6 Gobs Jackel/L6/Variable
Arvine Road D:3 Gobs Jackel/L7-9/Variable
Frothia Mountains E:4 Blood Wolf/L8-10/3
Ocorale Ruins C:4 Shadow Beast/L16-19/6
E:2 Blood Wolf/L16-19/6
Mount Cudray Base E:4 Shadow Beast/L16-19/6
Moluen Island F:4 Shadow Beast/L16-19/6


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Ripple Canyon F:7 Blood Wolf/L8-10/3
Philadea Basin F:5 Blood Wolf /L8-10/3
Nashblitz Canyon C:7 Blood Wolf /L8-10/3
Raven's Horde Island E:3 Haprys Jackal/L18/Variable


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Claudia Headwater
Warlock Battleground E:5 Hell Hound/L32-35/3
Kincash Battlefield D:4 Hell Hound/L32-35/3
Hawkwind Highlands F:2 Hell Hound/L32-35/3
Selvane Heights B:5 Hell Hound/L32-35/3
Mascus Headwater C:6 Hell Hound/L32-33/3
E:5 Hound Hound/L33-35/3
Mount Despire Base F:7 Garm/L42-45/3
Spica Crater Garm/L42-45/3
Capella Crater Garm/L44-45/3
Arcturce Crater


Map Position Mob Name/Level/Amount Date Change
Matiendo Fort G:7 Shadow Beast/LV17-21/12
Rakiasu Fort G:7 Shadow Beast/LV17-21/12
Shaamain Fort G:7 Shadow Beast/LV17-21/12
Jehaku Fort G:7 Shadow Beast/LV17-21/12
Zeburia Fort G:7 Shadow Beast/LV17-21/12
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