Icon Name Comment
Beginner Beginner Shield Marks player as a beginner,Remove after 20 completed wars
Crystalicon Crystal Marks player as miner(or decoration),Use /mcr to add or remove
Trainer Trainer Marks player as a trainer/Usable after 100 wars, use /mtr to add or remove
Offical shop Official Shop Displays location of Official Shop
Partyicon Party Looking for party, use mark party from system tab
Mail mail You have recieved a friend request, press L to open
Bank Bank Displays location of Bank
Receiving Receiving Displays location of Receiving
Sending Sending Displays location of Sending
Warriorshopicon Warrior Shop Displays location of Ring/Arb Warrior Shop
Sorcerer shop icon Sorcerer Shop Displays Location of Ring/Arb Sorcerer Shop
Scoutshopicon Scout Shop Displays location of Ring/Arb Scout Shop
Fencershop Fencer Shop Displays location of Ring/Arb Fencer Shop
Cestusshop Cestus Shop Displays location of Cestus shop
Npc NPCs Displays location of NPCS
Tutorial1 icon 02 Monster Displays the location of monsters on the map
Tutorial1 icon 01 Position Displays your position on the map and which direction your current camera angle is

War IconsEdit

All Defending icons are in blue

All Attacking Icons are in Orange

Icon Name
Declare Mark of Declaration
Inprogress In Progress
Completed Truce/Takeover
Cryicon Mining Crystal
Defender1Attacker Player
Scaff1Scaff2 Scaffold
Keep1Keep2 Keep
Ob1Ob2 Obelisk
Eclip1Eclip2 Eclipse
Ww1Ww2 War Workshop/Gate of Hades
At1At2 Arrow Tower
Bulwark1Bulwark2 Bulwark
Summon1Summon2 Summon(Knight,Giant,Wraith,Chimera,Dragon)
Char1Char2 Chariot

Icon Name
Trade icon Trade
Party Invite
Corp Invite

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