Trading is important function of this game, although very important in game

During war the trade function is normally used for trading crystal

How to TradeEdit

  1. Hover your cursor over a character then click z or press the mouse wheel
  2. Select Trade from the target (Always the 3rd option on the command window)
    The trade request will be sent to the other person; You will receive the other party is not ready if they trading with anyother person or not accept the trade within time
  3. When Trade is accepted, then the trade Window Opens
  • Items, Just double click on the item to be sent along with the item number if there are mutiple
  • Gold, Above the Crystal menu, just input the amount you want to trade
  • Crystal: Input the amount of crystal you want to trade; located at the bottom of the trade window


  1. Then Accept the trade and click on Confirm, when both sides both confirmed the trade, the trade will be complete
  2. You can cancel the trade at anytime when you have already clicked on the confirm button you can only do so when the other person has not yet clicked on confirm

Receiving TradeEdit

  1. Trade button will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen;name of the trader will also be displayed; You can either click on this button or press T
  2. Trade Window will open after you click on it
  3. Procedure is the same as above

Trade icon

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