Version DifferencesEdit

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Client DifferencesEdit

  • Gameguard is included with the client
  • Water reflection is usable
  • H hotkey for help is removed/ with a help page accessed from the systems tab in game

Game DifferencesEdit


  • Tutorial does not reward any rings
  • Tutorial Completion Lv 15 9/10
  • Yellow letter reward changed; EXP tome is included
  • Tutorial Mission Completion Knitted Wool Cap changed to Cat Ears


  • CN Enchants carried over (Attack Gain +16-20)
  • Majority of Ring Weapons/Arb removed from Cestus and Fencer shops
  • No Gun/Familiar Arb weapon in Arb Shop
  • Greatsword Arb weapon limited to Grimm
  • Ring Enchants removed from tool shop
  • Lesser Enchants renamed to Grade C
  • Arb/Ring Enchants renamed to Grade A/B
  • Several Cash Shop items changed to casino only
  • Power Stone,Resilience Stone, Drill Stone removed from Tool Shop
  • Gold Item prices higher compared to other versions
    • Regenerate Cost 300G;other 100G
    • Bastard Sword Cost 100,000G; other 13,000G
  • Arb Items cost 1.5 more compared to NA (Disclaimer:Dollar is a lot more compared to HK dollar, in reality it's still cheaper)


  • Silver Coin price: 10 Rings;Bag item 90 Rings for 10
  • GASH Gacha


  • Arena Ticket Cost 5R -> 15R
  • Uses Japanese localized voices
  • Tenbu Set: 8000 PT in colosseum
  • 1000 Pt Items -> 1500Pt
  • Origin Stone sold for 1500pt Colosseum
  • Lesser Enchant sets are for 1500Pts in Colosseum
  • 3000pt Jar of Oblivion,Master Whetstone,EXP tome removed
  • 4000pt Flux Wing removed
  • 10000pt EX-Bank Contract removed
  • Tenbu Set sold for 8000pt per piece
  • 2nd Series Colosseum Items (Seven Sins removed)


  • Several possible map placements have been changed
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