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FEZ2 ファンタジーアース ゼロ II ?

FEZ2 ファンタジーアース ゼロ II ?


This is the graphyte game engine that is currently under development by FenixSoft. It has been rumored to be a graphic's update to FEZ or a completely new version.

Be warned that the demo is still buggy along with a very high graphics usage upon entering the demo. Latest demo link

You will also need to install a plug-in before playing the demo. The link for the plug-in is in the page of the demo itself.


Before you can test the graphyte demo you must register an account first. However the process is very simple to do so. Just click on the boxed button shown below.


Then fill out the following and press the button at the bottom


Demo ControlsEdit

Note that in the demo you may only see the surroundings nothing else; No other content exists currently


  • Left Click - Use Skill
  • Mouse Movement : Camera Rotation
  • Mouse Wheel : Switch Skills
  • W -Move Up
  • A -Move Left
  • S -Move Down
  • D Move Right
  • Q- SideStep Left
  • E - SideStep Right
  • Space- Jump
  • R - Auto Run
  • Ctrl +G -Summon Wall
  • Ctrl +V -Summon Cubes
  • 1-Reduce Clouds
  • 2-Increase Clouds
  • 3-Increase Cloud Texture
  • 4 Decrease Cloud Texture
  • 5 Change Sun Direction
  • Number Pad 2 - Change time to Evening
  • Number Pad 3 Change time to Night
  • PAGE_UP- Increase Water level
  • PAGE_DOWN- Lower Water level
  • Zoom In-Home
  • Zoom Out-End



Demo Environment


Using a Skill

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