Although intended for beginners, this information can be used for all players

Group fighting

Solo play is ok but try to fight along with groups

Remember to pass Crystals

If you don't plan to use your crystals then pass them to bank or other players

Try to hold out

Even at low HP try to hold out as you can distract the enemy as they try to kill you.

Remember to Summon

Summons play an important role in war so remember to summon. Also remember that level does not play a role in summon attack

What not to do

Do not try to jump into a group of enemies alone to deal as much damage before dying. ie:Trying to kamikaze suicide a mob of enemies.

How to join a party

You can click either the party join option or press P


Buildings is an important function of war. In order to construct a building you will a certain amount of crystals

Name Purpose Crystals Maximum Number
Obelisks Expand territory 15 25
Eclipse A building similiar to an obelisk but takes less territory and can be built in enemy territory 11 5
Arrow Tower A defensive building that shots arrows to nearby enemies 18 10
War Workshop Allows you to summon Giants 20 1
Bulwark A very large building is used to block enemy passage 30 3
Gate of Hades Allows you to summon a Wraith; Can only be built once 20 1
Scaffold A building used as a shield or elevation 0 50

Territory Effects

  • Displays the location of everyone on the map as a rader (Hidden enemies are not displayed on the map)
  • Enemy cannot built in allied Territory
  • Deals damage to enemy base
  • Once an Obelisk is built you cannot be move it so be careful where you built


  • First Obelisks should be used to expand outward; the first Obelisk can be used to block enemy expansion and enables your team to expand further


Can Beginners build?

  • Beginners are allowed to build but make sure that you keep this in mind.
  1. Do not build next to another Obelisk
  2. Do not expand too far
  3. Tell your allies where you are going to build


  • Use other skills besides basic attack; Basic attack should only be used for attacking buildings
  • Be careful not to attack at the same time as your ally as you can cancel their attack
  • When an enemy is rooted or stunned use a very strong attack to damage them
  • Knockback attack details be careful of use
    • Knockback attacks can save allies
    • Using knockback badly can give enemies time to recover their PW
    • Using Knockback can waste a stun or root
  • Remember to always look at the Chat Log in war
  • Remember to build Obelisks as far apart from each other



  • Crystals


  • A recovery item or potion


  • Stands for Chimera


  • Stands for Obelisk


  • Stands for Arrow Tower


  • Stands for Gates of Hades


  • Stands for bulwark


  • Stands for Eclipse
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