This is just a brief description of the war rules in game. There is also a more detailed War Rules page and War Flow page

  • This page is only brief so it will not overwhelm people, if you want to be overwhelmed see the War Rules page in the link above

Winning WarEdit


  • Whoever's Keep's HP reaches Zero first will Lose
  • Nation in Orange is always the attacking team
  • The Nation in Blue is always the defending team
  • If the Time bar reaches the end then the defending team wins
  • The mini gauge between the two bars is the Territory Gauge that displays how much Territory a side has captured. (Very Important)

Lowering KEEP HPEdit

  1. The more territory a side captures then the more damage that will be dealt to the enemy keep
  2. By destroying Obelisks you can lower the opponent's Keep HP
  3. Killing enemy players will reduce keep HP but deals very little compared to Territory and building damage
  • Territory damage is the largest damage dealer to enemy keep;It deals about 70% of the total damage to keep in war
  • Territory damage stops increasing at 56%;Do not expand beyond this
  • Priority is usually Territory Expansion >Building Damage > Killing Enemies
  • If you only kill enemies there is a good chance you will lose the war, do not forget about the other factors




  • Mini Map is found on the Upperleft of the screen
  • The Area on the minimap that is bright is your captured Territory


  • Territory damage is dealt between intervals;you can increase the damage by increasing the size of the border
  • Anything inside of your Territory border will be displayed on your minimap like a radar

How to increase Territory

  • You can increase territory by building obelisks or Eclipses
  • Obelisks will require Crystals to build
  • Obelisk building is important task of the backline

How to tell which Side has more Territory?

  • Look at the Territory gauge and compare the difference

Destroyed Obelisks

  • If Obelisks with a rippling effect are destroyed then large damage will be dealt to the keep when destroyed
  • Therefor Obelisks should be built where it is easier to defend


  • Expand Terriority to expand your team's View
  • Protect all Allied Obelisks
  • Destroy Obelisks
  • Avoid being killed
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