• Please Read War Rules before hand
  • This is a brief guide on war flow explaining the basics of War Flow

Early PhasesEdit

Fez minimap3

Early Stages

  • At the beginning of the war, try to secure the area around the map
  • By securing the area around the map, you expand without enemy interference
  • Try to secure a large area as soon as possible

Early Building

  • The 1st Obelisk should be built forward from the keep not backwards
  • Build Obelisks far apart from each other since you cannot built Obelisks close to each other
  • If you can secure the area fast then you can build an Obelisk that can halt enemy expansion
  • General strategy to is secure the area to block enemy expansion

Back Obelisks

  • Should not be built at the beginning stages of the war
  • If you begin to build in the back you may lose to the enemy in terms of expansion

Mid WarEdit

  • Mid War is where the fighting really begins


  • Try to hold or push back the line
  • Goal is to destroy enemy Obelisks while protecting allied Obelisks


  • Use summons to support the frontline
    • Giant: Destroy enemy Obelisks while the frontline holds the enemy back
    • Wraith:Helps hold the frontline while more reinforcements come
    • Knight:Helps kills enemy summons to stop the enemy from trying to gain an advantage
    • Read the Getting Started/Summons Summons page form more information

Backline Support

  • Has the most work in mining crystals to use for building and summoning
  • The Crystal Bank has the role of managing what is summoned and what is needed on the field
  • Crystal Bank is usually the leader of the backline support; Transport Knights are used for carrying crystals to far places back to the bank
  • If Backline support is weak than
    • Summoning will be difficult
    • Destroying Obelisks will more difficult
  • Backline support is usually considered a boring role but invaluable when it comes to victory
  • See the Backline support page for more information

Towards the End of WarEdit

The End

  • At the end it is easy to see how the war will end
  • Towards the end dying and killing enemies will be crucial to winning war
  • If the Keep's Main Crystal is gone then move to another crystal to maintain crystal support
  • Be careful to observe the map/minimap for suspicious movement

Chimera:The Tide TurnerEdit

Fe chimaira

  • During War, a when certain conditions are fulfilled a Chimera can be summoned
  • A chimera will always take a path from Enemy Keep towards Allied Keep
  • If it reaches Allied Keep, it can wipe out 1/3 of your keep's total HP (1 Bar)
  • In any war, the Chimera should always be watched out for and needs to be reported if summoned
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