There are several things you should do before entering war


Recovery Items

  • Go to the Tool Shop in each capital to buy potions
  • You should buy more than 30 Regenerate (1 Regenerate =100G)
  • If you dont have enough money than buy 30 Lesser Regenerate instead (1 Lesser Regenerate =20G)
  • Buy 50 or more Bread (1 Bread = 10G)
  • If you have more money than buy bacon instead of Bread (1 Bacon = 60G)


  • There is a limit of items you can use in war. That limit is a cost of 130. You can check item cost by hovering over the item or you can check the Wikia's Item page
  • Instanteous Recovery Items are very useful but often have very bad heal-to-cost ratio; normally used to escape death-like situations
  • Regen over time items; Better heal-to-cost ratio but slower; used when you have med-high HP

Piece of Meat and Herb

  • If you get any of these items trash as these item effects are not reliable

Using Items

  • To use items easier go to an item and left click on Pocket 1 or Pocket2; it will put items on the hotkey F or G to make it easier to use
  • Do not heal in front of an enemy as healing items have a delay after use


The first battle will always be the most difficult.

  • There is actually a reason for that
    • People tend to target lower level people for easier kills but tend to look at the equipment they are using to guess their level. (If you still have tutorial armor equipped then you will singled out)
  • See the armor pages for equipment of your level. You want to Max out your AV so look for AV over the item level
  • Mainline is normally at level 20 by then you should worry about equipment, until then focus on the backlines,
  • If you are still worried about equipment join a corp and earn enough points to use Company Gear for Level 20

Other DetailsEdit

There are several options you should set before going off to war; See the Option page

Check if

  • Area Border Display is On
  • Alert Level Ripple is On
  • Alert Level Color is On
  • Set Display log to around 10~15

Other Items such as Enchants and Power Regenerate

  • Power Regenerate increases the rate of PW you recover in war
  • Very nice to use when spamming skills
  • Enchants are items that will increase your stats; normally used in frontline or very intense fights; Normally used by a lot of players
  • These items will be used later on but beginners should not use them yet as it will only waste your resources


The basic preparations are done now go see

  • War Rules
  • War Procedures
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