• This is a brief explanation of summons; See the Summons page for more detailed explanation


  • A summon is a beast that a character can use if they enough crystals required to summon it
  • Summons are strong enough to change to tide of war if used correctly

Role of Summons

  • Wraith: A powerful summons whose role is help push back the frontline
  • Giant: A summon that is used solely to destroy to buildings (mainly Obelisks)
  • Knight: The anti-summon summon, a summon used to combat all other summons
    • Can be used to protect allied summons against enemy knights
  • Recommended to summon knights along with Wraiths or Giants to keep them safe

Beginner's Summon:KnightEdit

Good Idea to summon at lower levels?

  • A summon's attack is unaffected by levels; therefor at level of the player does not matter when it comes to a knight
  • It is generally better for lower level players to knight so the higher level players can be on the frontline

Knight's Tasks

  • Knight's job is to watch out for other summons on the field and report them to your allies
  • Knight is an Anti-Summon: It is strong against all summons
  • Knight do very little damage against infantry. DO NOT ATTACK ENEMY INFANTRY

Knight's Priorities

  1. Lookout for Chimeras and defeat them
  2. Protect Allied Giants and Wraiths from Enemy Knights
  3. Defeat enemy Giants and Wraiths
  4. Build Obelisks and Arrow Towers in far places
  5. Transport Crystals from one place to another


Summoning KnightsEdit

  1. Get at least 30 Crystals
  2. Hover cursor over keep
  3. Press Z or Mouse Wheel; Go to summon. Click on Knight; Always the middle summon or one with Cost:30

How to get Crystals?

  • It is best to ask your allies for crystals to summon a knight
  • Use the macro <cry>/30 Knight to ask for crystals, it usually better to ask people near a mining crystal

Knight Practice?

  • The best place to practice Knighting is the battlefield Tutorial


Is it okay for low levels to summon?

  • Higher level players do want to low level players to summon; just be careful not to do anything stupid otherwise they not let you summon next time

Change in HP?

  • When you summon, the summon's HP will automatically be at max and when you desummoned HP will be at where you left over

Crystal Mining

  • If there are very few summons on the field, then pass crystals to other players to bypass the crystal restriction in order to summon more knights quickly

Dragon and Chimera Summons?

  • These summons can only be summoned on special conditions along with special items. Not really recommended for a beginner to use. Dragon is a very rare summon that must people do not know how to use
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