Beginner's Guide to PvEEdit

  • Before you go to war, hunting mobs is neccessary to get a bit of gold in order to buy potions to use in war
    • War does not give gold
    • Some mobs have unique armor drops that can be equipped
  • Remember that PvE is not a main component of this game so not get stuck in grinding mobs endlessy
  • Early Levels (1-15), grinding on mobs is much more faster than warring
  • After Lv30 farming items and gold becomes much more easier

Death Penalty

  • You will only lose 1% of your total gold; In later update you do not lose EXP from dying
  • To reduce dying penalty impact, you can add gold to your bank so you do not lose it when you die


  • Mobs do drop some unique items but some of them are terribly useless due to a bad heal to cost ratio. If any mobs drop "Herbs" or "Piece of Meat" it usually better to sell or throw away
  • If item level is lower than your level sell to the tool shop;(Doesn't mean the armor from the Tutorial)

Healing HP

  • There are actually many ways to heal your HP; One way to heal is to head towars the Battlefield Tutorial and heal at the Crystal there by mining
  • Another is to talk to the <Inn> npc that can be found in every capital
  • Like any other game you can heal using potions; the cheapest way to heal is to use "Lesser Regenerate Potion" (20G) or Bread (10G)

Mob Level

Mob Level Map Mob Levels
* ~L11
** L11-19
*** L19-28 MainLand
L23-40 Ecetia
**** L30~43
***** L38~48

Questions about Mob HuntingEdit

What level should I be to start hunting MobsEdit

  • The general rule of thumb towards hunting mobs is that you should at least have a level difference of 3; Any larger difference will show a change in attack damage. If the mob is a much more higher level than you, then the mob will deal more damage and will also take less damage from you as well. Vice-versa when your level is higher

What is the money Unit in this game?Edit

  • Gold: Used to buy potions and equipment; Normally used with Rings; Only obtained from Mobs or Quests
  • Ring: Used to buy equipment or items;Normally used with Rings; Equipment used with rings is usually Official Shop equipment
  • Arb: Cash Money; Real money used to buy equipment and various items

Best Class to Earn Money?Edit

  • At level 30 and beyond, Warrior tends dominate the gold farming area compared to any other class, more specifically the 2-H branch of the warrior Class. Although you shouldn't really worry about the amount of gold in game since gold doesn't have a major factor in game

You should see the Mobs page for detailed Information


Once you are tired of grinding mobs, the only thing you can do is War. You should check out the war guides for help

  • War Rules
  • General Procedures
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