This page contains content that is removed from the game


There are a couple of things you should know about before trying out HKFEZ. If you are new to FEZ in general, then please take a look at the General Reference Guide before moving on.

Main Differences in HKFEZEdit

It is recommended that you look at Version Differences for NA content difference

Distinct DifferencesEdit

  • tutorial Rewards are different (No Ring rewards,Yellow Letter rewards are different, etc.)
  • More frontline heavy than NAFEZ
  • Lower chance of getting Official Shop for all nations
  • Updated Skills (Below JP in a couple of minor skill updates)
  • Dream Gacha Silver Coins are 10 Rings each allowing for 100Rings for a try at the Dream Gacha (Or 90 Rings for one try)
  • Twilight Weapons was implemented later last year (Yes, NAFEZ had Twilight weapons before HK did;although weapons existed beforehand)
  • Item costs are higher overall (Bastard Sword cost100k G compared to 10k G NA)
  • Gold Potion Cost is higher in HK than NA (Overall cost of all items is 3x NAFEZ's pricing)
    • Regenerate Potion 300G compared to 100G
  • Arb cost per item is more expensive in HKFEZ; however the dollar is worth more than HK currency it's not that expensive (PayPal can be used to charge GASH)
  • NPC Name Display (displays the name of the NPC overhead;useful if you plan on using this Wikia, but will take a long time before pictures of every NPC is uploaded)
  • HKFEZ uses votekick more often than NAFEZ
  • Greater/R =Grade A
  • Due to long distances, you may frequently disconnect during the weekend or have high unstable ping overall.
  • (Power Stone,Resilient Stone, Drill Stone items removed from ToolShop;only available by High and Low from Shante)


This is only an approximation, you can contribute to PING approximation by posting a screenshot in the comments section of this page

These Values CAN vary
Region PING VALUE-approximation
Asia 50-200
West Coast 180+
East Coast 250+
Europe 350+
Australia 400+

Important InformationEdit

  • Download Chinese Support Pack if you have not done so (Windows Vista and 7 have East Asian Languages pre-installed)
  • General Guidelines (Incomplete/Not completed page)
  • Translated Terms
  • HK Macros
  • Since HKFEZ can only be played with English Locale; logs saved will not display Chinese characters

Registering and Downloading the ClientEdit

To register an account for FEZ, you must create a Gamania account first, then create an account for FEZ.


VPNs are actually more of gamble towards getting low PING, in some cases you may just get very high ping instead. Realistically, the only way to get better PING with a VPN is to get a paid one. Aim to get a VPN that will cut down your packet path. (This Wikia will not give any VPN recommendations)


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