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  • Notes
    • Originally this was planned to be with the mobs page but there are a couple of things not included here
    • Plan for this was somewhat of a survival guide until lv20
    • A survival guide for war is a different story
    • Somehow this turned out to be free things that can help you, rather than free things available in game.

After TutorialEdit

To restate again in case you have forgotten. Always buy potions before you join a war. However, if you're playing HKFEZ you'll notice the cost of potions is fairly expensive to get around that, take advantage of a service that is "available." For the record, this was not available in the English version of the game so the visuals/a little guessing is required. However, since you have 10k when you start buy a couple of potions such as Lesser Regenerate and bread. I'll explain a shortcut to getting the Regenerates simply soon.

Free Skill Reset/Class ChangeEdit

  • Available to players under lv20; Talk to the female soldier closest to the Yellow Letter Tutorial Map;Untranslated


  • Not translated yet
  • Possible to gain up to 15 Rings from quests

Easy PotionsEdit

Basically we'll be using Alchemist Blacksmith Winbeck's services to the fullest here. If you looked at the page, if you trade Winbeck an item called Thieves' Dust you can obtain an Intermediate Recovery Pack" which contains 50 Regenerates, 50 Power Regenerates and 50 Bacon. That's quite a good deal and the item is very easy to get, all you need to is to kill one mob called Ghast Leader(the HK english community refers to them as zombies). The location of the mob is different for every nation but the mob is generally very easy to kill. Also the Ghast Leader will always have this appearance (Ignore the PING, I was getting past the black screen issue and ended up with this value). Kill the mob and right click on the treasure chest to get the item and deliver it to Winbeck. The table for the locations are provided below.



Ghast Leader


Military F:6

Anore Plateau C:6


Military B:2

Gavacent Island E:8


Residental F:3

Mount Cudray Base D:8


Noble D:6

Siena Hills B:5


Residental E:6

Colante Plain B:7

If lost on continent map then use these

Over Max AV WeaponEdit

  • Not Translated yet;last thing to do on this list due to the the complexity of explaining.

Rare SteaksEdit

  • Rare steaks are simpler to get via Military Drill, a system that rewards players for helping new players (with beginner shield)

Premium Roast AiboEdit

  • The best instant recovery item in terms of Cost-HP
  • Somewhat of a translation for HK has been provided Quest Info

High and LowEdit

  • Costs 2 Rings to play. No translation provided yet
  • |Reward Table(Aim for Enchants)

Fortune CardEdit

  • Costs 1 Game ticket to play (2 Rings). No translation provided yet
  • |Reward Table (Only get what you need, don't get greedy)
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