General TipsEdit

2-H WarriorEdit

  • Be careful of your HP before fighting a group of enemies

1-H WarriorEdit

  • Know the Stun cooldown for attack is 15seconds

Bow ScoutEdit

Dagger ScoutEdit

  • Be careful not to make too much noise while hidden; Try using the Spacebar jump to mask some of your movements
  • When in an area filled with water; walk along the cliff area to hide your footsteps


  • Pay attention to the duration of your chant skill




  • Beware of hidden scouts on the field. You can hidden scouts by hovering the cursor around the field until you find a random targetting cursor

Team TipsEdit

Don't Rant

  • No one really wants to listen to you raging during war so just try to keep it to yourself

Team Battle

  • Remember that FEZ is a team-based combat game;Try to go as group when fighting against enemies

Beware of Kiters

  • Beware of kiters who try to distract you while dealing damage to your team

Dealing Massive Damage

  • Basic massive damage usually goes as follows -> Root->Stun->Guard Break-> Hellfire or Heavy Smash
  • Remember to allow the classes who deal heavy damage to only attack a stunned opponent

Remember to Look Around

  • Remember to look around for enemy reinforcements and enemies trying to attack at your blindspot

Chasing Notes

  • Be very careful when it comes to chasing a person as they might to led you back into enemy reinforcments
  • If there are already a large group chasing it is usually better ignore them as you will only waste time trying to catch them

Remember Class Roles

  • Remember that each class in game has a certain role; keep those roles in mind will fighting
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