Trying out Fantasy Earth Zero huh? It's a fun game but difficult to get started at first.

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  • Fantasy Earth Zero is a massive 50v50 PvP game
  • Goal of the game is to expand the terriority of your nation
  • Since it is impossible to attack capitals,the wars in the game never end

See the about page for the game for detailed information about the game (incomplete)


  • This is a 50v50 war game; Do not forget about your 49 allies
  • Evasion and Hit Rate doesn't exist in this game
  • Game has a cashshop


Before playing, please make sure you meet the minimum requirements listed here

  • If you are using a dial-up connection; please don't play this game as you will only try to turn the community completely against you.
  • Remember to respect and comply with the game's Terms of Service (Be respectful to other players).



  • War or Massive PvP is the main content of this game
  • This game is a free to play game; there is no level restriction to join war but recommended that you are level 16 before joining. Tutorial gives 16 free levels in a short amount of time (35 mins).
  • It is very possible to kill high level players at a low level


  • Hunting mobs is similiar compared to any other game ;however, the main purpose of PvE is to
  1. Test Skills
  2. Earn Gold or Exp

Note: leveling up by PvE is generally very dull.

Getting StartedEdit

Please click on the appropriate page for registration to begin getting started.



  • Read up on a couple of guides if you are still confused about the game
  • Visit QuickNotes for a brief explanation on game functions (Detailed is also included in the link as well)

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