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  • All download links have been removed due to the newly established IP block by Gamania HK (The wikia will not longer provide links for client downloads)

Basic Instructions

  • Download the respective .part or .rar files into one location (You cannot extract the file if you place individual files into different locations or rename it)
  • Use WinRar or 7zip to extract the file
  • Run FeZero.EXE as admin
  • Anyother questions please in the comments section of this page

Installer Download Updated Client 20120627 (Recommended)

  1. Download the three PART.RAR files into one folder location
  2. Extract 20120627.part1.rar using WinRAR or program that can open rar files
  3. Run the setup file (once the setup is complete a shortcut will be created on your desktop)
  4. Delete the shortcut(Shortcut doesnot work) Go to (C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Gamania/FantasyEarthZero) or (C:/ProgramFiles/Gamania/FantasyEarthZero) wherever you saved the game
  5. Locate FeZero.EXE and left click run as admin

Download link: 

  • 20120627 Client Uploaded
  • 11_27 Client Removed
  • 11_27 Client Uploaded

Manual Patches Client FEZ_20120627

Please backup your files before patching as it can mess up your client.

Patches for the latest version of FEZ for those who cannot patch to the client well enough or live beyond the west coast.

Download link: (Extract the 7zip file and merge the FantasyEarthZero Folders)

Will be required if you have not done so (Monster03.pak and 4)

  1. Usually will just require merging the two Gamania files together
  2. if the file is a DAT.PAK move it into your DATA folder and overwrite the previous DAT.PAK

Common Issues

The Common issues page can be found here

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