Z ServerEdit

Z Server is run by Hangame. Currently working with Gamepot Inc on Z server. Note that the Z server can only be accessed with the Hangame JP client and not the Gamepot JP client. Z server notably has the same content and events as the JP server but not the population.


  • Single server (Zayin)
  • Nearly the same as the one run by Gamepot (Events)
  • Population 200
  • (Warrior,Scout,Sorcerer)


  • The limited server


  • クリスタル回収or配布 現在<cry>所 [distributing or collecting crystals <cry>]
  • 銀行 <cry>/50 現在<pos> [bank call! 'Bank <cry>/50 <pos>!]
  • オベリスク用クリスタルを募集 <cry>/15 [crystals for an obelisk <pos>]
  • <pos>にオベリスクを建築します [building obelisk <pos>]
  • 敵 <tsm>!! <pos> [enemy <tsm> <pos>]
  • なぼ <cry>/30 [crystals for knight]
  • ジャイぼ <cry>/30 [giant]
  • れぼ <cry>/50 [wraith]
  • キマぼ <cry>/40 [KY]
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