Run by Gamania HK branch.


  • 5 Classes (Warrior,Sorcerer, Scout , Fencer and Cestus)
  • Chariot
  • Twilight Weapons
  • Vinelle Island/Roulette/Arena


  • Population 100~1k
  • Lowest roulette ring price
  • park games are limited
  • Game prices are different compared to other versions
  • No IP block~ (IP Block as of 12/20/12)
  • Some ring items are removed from tool shop
  • Colosseum items are different


  • 收水建ob <cry>/30 : crystal for ob
  • 收水建AT <cry>/18 : crystal for AT
  • 敌方 <tsm> 出現 <pos> : Enemy (target summons) at (position)
  • 收水出巨人 <cry>/30 : crystal for giant
  • 收水出骑 <cry>/30 : crystal for knight
  • 我方 合成獸 在 <pos> 骑士请保护 : Ally chimera at (position), knights please cover
  • 我方巨人/死0 在 <pos> 骑士请保护 : Ally giants/wraith at (position), knights please cover
  • 水银出水 <cry>/50 : Bank
  • 收水出死0 <cry>/50 : crystal for wraith
  • 收水出 合成獸<cry>/40: crystal for chimera
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