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Currently there are 4 regions currently running FEZ and only 5 versions running as of now. Only two versions of FEZ has failed so far.

0th ReleaseEdit


Publisher:Square Enix

1st Beta: November 11th, 2005

Official: February 23,2006

Status: Closed


A P2P version of FEZ, closed after demand was low. FEZ is currently based off Ring of Dominion's engine.

Main article: Fantasy Earth:Ring of Dominion

1st ReleaseEdit

Developer:Multiterm ->FenixSoft ,Gamepot Inc

Publisher:Gamepot Inc

1st Beta: November 2nd, 2006

Official: December 21st, 2006

Status: Open/IP Blocked (VPN required for outside of Japan)


A revamp of Ring of Dominion introducing 3 new classes as Warrior, Sorcerer and Scout. Oddly Square Enix still owns rights for the game since Fenix originally developed it. Game still uses same engine from Ring of Dominion. Although is a near complete revamp of the game.Note that the Ring of Dominion files can still be found in the client.

Main article: JPFEZ(Gamepot)

2nd ReleaseEdit

Fantasy Earth Zero CN

Publisher: Square Enix CN

CB1: April 3rd, 2007


Status: Open (Connection is very bad)


A release of the Chinese version of FEZ by Square Enix under its PlayOnline service in China. Notable difference is that Gev is marked as light blue instead of purple.

Main article: CNFEZ

3rd ReleaseEdit

Fantasy Earth Zero (Hangame) (Z Server)

Publisher:Hangame JP

Official: October 23rd, 2007

Status: IP Blocked


A Japanese version of FEZ which is located in Japan by Hangame. Oddly has the same events as the one from Gamepot Inc. Only has one server which is the Z server Zayin. Currently working together with Gamepot.

Main article: JPFEZ(Hangame)

4th ReleaseEdit

Fantasy Earth Zero HK

Publisher: Gamania HK



Status: IP Block


A Chinese version of the game which is hosted in Hong Kong and IP blocked as of 12/20/12.

Main article: HKFEZ

5th ReleaseEdit

Fantasy Earth Zero TW

Publisher: Gamania TW

OB June 3rd 2008


Status: Open (IP Blocked)


The Taiwanese version of the game

Main article: TWFEZ

6th ReleaseEdit

Fantasy Earth Zero (English)

Publisher: GamepotUSA

1st Beta:March 3rd, 2010

Official: May 18th , 2010

Status: Closed

Website: (Closed)

The English release of Fantasy Earth Zero. Closed due to lack of money.

Main article: NAFEZ(Gamepot)
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